Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Frocktails: an update

Well who would of thought that little old Frocktails would garner so much attention! Not I that's for sure. 

Unfortunately Longrain can't accommodate the ladies on the waiting list and because I'm a nice person who obviously loves hard work, I'm now searching for a venue in the CBD for a venue for the same price and up to 40 people. 

So to all those who have a ticket, I'll send you an email once the details are changed (1-2 months max). It will still be on the same night just at a different venue. 

Waiting list ladies, I will aim to find a venue in the next few weeks. Once I have a venue we will release more tickets, to ensure we are fair to everyone I will advertise a date by Instagram, and my blog and this time when they are gone, they are gone. 

The cuisine is most likely to change and now I'm thinking of a cocktail style party to accommodate the extra numbers. I will try very hard to keep the price the same. 

If you want to be apart of Frocktails, and haven't already emailed me, please email me at allegravintage@gmail.com with "frocktail tickets" in the title. If you don't email but comment on Instagram or my blog etc, I'm afraid it won't count so please email me. It's really hard to keep track of everyone and I want the organising to run smoothly. 

Remember you only have 29 weeks and 4 days until the party starts. :)


  1. Appreciate all the work you are doing for this, Kat! I don't care where it is - as long as it's easy to access on oublic transport and I get to meet as many spoolettes as possible!

  2. You're a sucker for punishment, my dear! But we love you for it ;)

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