Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Ginger!

My darling creation was born last week, 12 days overdue!

Ginger arrived weighing 4.05 kilos, and 54cm long!

His eviction orders were well and truly served. With the help of some powerful drugs, bought on his speedy arrival, in a 3 hours and 20 minute labour!

We were home late afternoon on Thursday and we have been getting to know our little Ginger ever since.  We having being marvelling at our beautiful creation. My heart breaks when I think about how much love I have for him. 

He is a lovely, happy baby, although he sleeps through the day and not the night, that's how he was in utero too so not much has changed. I'm sure you can see by the photo what cubby cheeks he has! They are even better in person, just great for squishing!

I'm doing really well, and feel great, I haven't been counting the weight but on the day of his birth, I lost 5 kilos! I was happy about that. I have decided at this stage not to share his name on the blog. 

I'm going to take a few months break from blogging although not sewing, and will be back with new dresses and tops later in the year.

There will be a frocktails update in meantime, which I will be then communicating via email, so if you have RSVP'd looked out for that. Remember I need your email address to contact you. :)

Thanks for reading. 

Kat x

Monday, May 6, 2013

Frocktails; fabulous is not optional.

You are cordially invited to get your fabulous handmade frocks on, on the 7th of September for Frocktails.

Bloggers and non bloggers are welcome! As long as you love to talk about sewing whilst clutching a fancy drink in hand, we will have a fabulous time!

Frocktails Information

7th of September.
Starting at Longrain Melbourne for Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert.
What time?
6.00pm till late.
How much?
As much as you would like to spend. Please check out Longrains menu for a rough idea, on average, dinner and dessert will set you back about $65 per head.
What do I wear? 
That's up to you! It could be great if we could all wear a dressy self-stitched frock, but that may not suitable for your lifestyle etc, as long as its made by you, you'll fit right in!
Either leave a comment with your email address here, or email me at allegravintage at gmail dot com and I'll send a group email out with more details!

I can't wait to see you in your beautiful creations! There may even be a best dressed award on the night!

A big thank you to Molly, who suggested the name Frocktails!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wishing and waiting.

I'm still here waiting.

I have been waiting what feels like a lifetime, for Ginger to come out.

I gave him his notice to vacate around 36 weeks.

I have had quite a few serious chats about him coming out.

It must be nice in there, tight, warm and comforting as I have had no response, not even an acknowledgment.

We had hoped that he would be here by the 30th of April, but alas it was not to be.

His due date was the 3rd, which I knew wouldn't happen, he would either be here early like his daddy or late like his mummy, but not on time!

I spend my days wondering.... what he looks like, what personality he'll have, if he will be a Ginger! I desperately want a child with red hair.

I spend my nights, awake. I now average about 5 hours of sleep but never before 3am.

We can't wait to meet him, so hurry up Ginger and arrive swiftly and safely.

Kat x

PS there will be a nursery tour blog post soon but I've lost my sewing/craftyjo at the moment.

PPS thank you to the lovely ladies who have sent emails to see how I'm going, you're the best!