Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unicorn Pj's aka Kwik Sew 3510

So in my last post, I said I was going to start regularly blogging and then I disappeared again! It wasn't my intention at all, but I get busy with life, and then BAM three months goes by. I have been sewing, in fits and starts really, but I do get stuff done.

My latest make, is an extremely cute unicorn pj's set, that I made for my beautiful niece CBB, who turned one in late March. As my twin sister has relocated to Auckland for the next few years, I really feel the need to have special reminders of our family, and this where my sewing skills comes in.

I used my tried and trusty kids pj pattern Kwik Sew 3510, which I am certain I could now sew in my sleep, with this being my 13th set!

I made size 1, and the only changes I made, were to lengthen the neckband, as I was using jersey with 5% spandex, not ribbing. I cut the size 1 neckband originally but I couldn't get it to fit, and I knew if I over worked the neck area of the pj's I would end with a distorted pj top, so I cut a new piece and added just over a cm. Next time I'll add another .5cm if I don't do binding.  I did purchase a complimentary colour binding but it didn't arrive in time.

The back, more unicorns.

This is a great basic pattern, that goes to size 4, I highly recommend it and most Kwik sew patterns.

Project details: Kwik Sew 3510 size 1.
Fabric: Both champagne dots and unicorns organic cotton jersey are from W Collection Fabric.
Modification: Added 1cm to the neckband.
Last remarks: Don't follow the instructions for the elastic in the pants, do a casing instead.

See you in 3 months!