Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To keep or not to keep, McCalls 8766

Here it finally is, McCall's 8766.

It's very sack like so I added a belt for most of the night. I was holding a lot of fabric in my hands in this photo. I'm tempted to unpick the dress to make something more wearable out of it or should I just keep it and take a lot out of the sides, change the neckline and shorten it a little more?

Opinions please.

I love how everyone really got into the swing of things and made an effort to dress up. It was a great night, enjoyed by all. 

I received the patterns I bought off eBay today - the fastest shipping I've ever received, which is nice. So I'm going to start my Christmas dress, hopefully it will be simplicity 1123. Oh on friday I received crepe pattern! Thanks again, Helen.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Makeup, when safe is too boring & more patterns on the way.

My darling mother is letting me put a makeup order when she goes past duty free in two weeks time.
I try to wear Mac cosmetics as I find the products great, expensive as they are, the pigment of foundation are high, and they last for quite some time. I am stocking up mostly on foundation and eye shadow.

This leads me to notice while going through my make up draw, that I have 3 main colours of eye shadow in my draw, soft pinks, light purples and gold. I try to aim for classic and subtle in many areas of my life and make up is no exception, but I am being boring or too safe?

I have seemed to have lost my way in regards to knowing what looks good, makeup wise. These both of these colours plus some darker purple and brown shades excites me, but how do you know if they suit?

So some questions for you dear readers if you can answer.

How can you be classic but at the same time different from your normal routine or sexy?
How do you know things that suit you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on your own colours & choices.
What books or magazines do you consult before buying make up?

I should note that in the coming year I plan to do a makeup course, just to learn the basics and see if what I’ve missed. 3 weeks ago I finally bought some red nail polish, and I love it! It matches my Butterick 5486 dress.

In sewing related news I won these patterns on eBay.

I am hanging out to make the 1123 and 2491 on the bottom right. I have some material already picked out.

Thanks for reading. :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

A change of plans....

This is what happens when you’re sick with sever bronchitis and asthma, and you’ve been at the doctor’s everyday for the last 5 days on the ventilator. You show up to your Saturday morning sewing class leaving at home, all the 3 items you have been working on lately. Home is at least 30 minutes away and you’re already 5 minutes late when you arrive. All you have in your sewing trolley bag is a sewing machine, your notions for the things you left behind, 6 “new” vintage patterns to show your teacher and some fabric you took so you could both admire.

Introducing McCall’s 8766, she’s not finished yet and it hurt to cut the fabric up for this pattern, so for one more week she will look like this and then be transformed into something I can wear normally. But for the Austin Powers Party she will be great. The length will be above the knees, the sleeves will also be shorten to elbow length. Oh I should add that I will put the other sleeve in soon. It looks horrible in the photo but looks better on.

I think by adding some drop earrings in black and having a chucky necklace will 70’s it up or am I being too subtle?

In regards to reworking the dress once the party is over, I’m thinking of rounding out the neck, making cap sleeves and adding a black band empire waisted style. Any suggestions? I’m open to anything. Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New look 6899 a floral skirt

This is the first project I made back in February. Its New Look 6899.

The best thing I love about it is that it has pockets, nice big deep ones.

The worst thing about this skirt is the the waistband size.  My teacher told me i was at least a 16 so we cut a 16 through out. The skirt waistband just falls off so I've only worn it twice.

I love the fabric and it looks great with a crinoline underneath. If only I could do something different with the waistband. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I have heaps of fabric left.

I should just add that you really won't be able to see the waistband problem in the photo as the mani is a size 6 and the skirt is heavily pinned. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Crepe Sew-a-long and generous free pattern

I'm going to sign up for Gertie's sew along for Crepe Dress! I'm looking forward to it as summer is almost upon us. I was on Gertie's blog when I saw a post about a free crepe pattern from a lovely blogger named Helen. I emailed her quick smart and low and behold I got it! Well not yet but I'm sure it will be here before the 6th of December. Thank you Helen, I really appreciate it. I would like to pay it forward sewing wise, any suggestions????

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

being cheap at spotlight for Simplicity 8233

Just a quick update on the simplicity 8233, I spent over an hour wandering around the fabric section at spotlight. I picked up many bolts of fabric but rejected them all due to being too ugly 70's,  too pretty, pastel colours that definitely weren't not 70s. I made my way over to the quilting section where I found a vast array of fabric that weren't too hideous but most were over priced at around $15 to $20. I was looking to pay under $10 p/m, cheap i know, but i am never going to wear it again so I'm not spending a fortune.

I found two I really liked one for $4 (hot pink to purple colour with a feather motif and small print)and the other $6 (its a light apple green with tear drop style) I'll post photos when my camera isn't having a fit. I think I'm set on cutting out the hot pink fabric. Is that 70's enough?

In real life news, not related to sewing at all: I am suffering from hay fever, this year has been the worst by far, I am seriously considering moving to the south pole as I'm sure they wouldn't get hay fever. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

in the works

Hi all,
Just giving you an update as I haven't posted in a while. I think I should just state that unlike most sewers I am not monogamist to my projects I love to have 2 or so on the go.

I am currently working on Vintage McCall's 4870, I bought 4 metres of blue cotton sateen fabric, it turns out I did the conversions wrong and I needed more than 4 metres, as the skirt is so full! I didn't make a muslin silly me, I cut the shorter waist length out, boy was that a mistake, so now I have to cut the bodice out again. In the modern patterns I usually shorten the waist. Luckily I have enough fabric. I am now taking a break on this on until I finish the baby new look.

Vintage Vogue 6478, which has been so easy to sew up, almost finished except for the bow bit, it is a little bit more snugger than I would like, i must stay away from the chocolate biscuits.

making view d and f
 New Look 6904 ( for my niece's Christmas present) needs to be finished asap. This is my first time working with buttons, which I am looking forward to. I bought some cute retro fabric it has hot pink/redish and white buttons over white fabric. I had been eyeing it of for some time and finally when i had decided that I would buy it, it was $2 per metre! Woohoo, bargain. I will post photos of the fabric later.