Monday, August 22, 2011

Tis the wedding season

Is that wedding bells, I hear? It certainly is.

This wedding season (September to March), we have been invited to 4 weddings and 2 engagement parties! While to some that may not be a lot, to date I have been to 4 weddings & one was my own. I always like to make a big deal out of getting dressed up for formal occasions, as you always look great in photos.

This wedding season I like to do things a little differently, I want to make everything* I wear, what girl doesn't need an excuse to make fancy dresses?

So here's the plan:

For the first engagement party dress, I want to make is New Look 6048 in a polished cotton that is a dark blue with polka dots.

For the first wedding, I'll be wearing a *store bought dress as it is my sister's wedding and I am matron of honor. Its a flattering dress in deep navy.
For the second wedding I want to make Vogue 8701 in silk dupion, the colour will be cobalt. This wedding will be on the weekend of the Melbourne cup, so I don't want to be confused with someone who was supposed to be going to the races.

For the third wedding, dress I want to make will be vintage vogue 2960 in a colourful palette of black, grey, purples, turquoise, white, blue & pink in cotton sateen. I picked it up from spotlight for $1.50 per metre ages ago but i couldn't find a pattern that i was comfortable with as i really like the fabric.

The fourth dress for the fourth wedding will be Vogue 1174, my friends wedding has a white & red theme. I bought 3.5 metres of red & white linen at the cleggs sale yesterday, its currently drying on the line, the only difference I'll make, is to add straps and add a full skirt, I'm going for a vintage look that I'll be able to dress up and down.

I don't have a plan for the second engagement party dress yet. I would like to use some linen I have, so if anyone has an idea please let me know! :)

So do you think I'm aiming too high and being over ambitious or do you think its a reasonable challenge?

Thanks for reading!


Friday, August 5, 2011

And the winners are....

Apologies Followers, due to technical difficulties (thank you Telstra) the drawing was delayed, but not forgotten.  I'm not creating a good impression, am I? Any hoo, now onto drawing of the winners.

The Winner of the Simplicity Patterns is: Beata!

The Winner of the Tessuti Fabric is: K!

Congratulations ladies! Thanks to all for following me. Best of luck next month when I give away 3 meters of  silk satin in a lovely autumn print!

Stay tuned...

Thanks for reading!