Monday, April 22, 2013

SewcieTea Outfit Maternity Vogue 1027.

I agonized about what to make for SewcieTea for weeks, as I didn't want to make something that I would only wear once if it was going to be a maternity pattern as I'm in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Fabric choice also played a big part, again I didn't want to use anything special or expensive pretty much for the same reason.

I blathered on to anyone who would listen, and put it out on twitter quite a few times, asking for pattern ideas. I still hadn't decided on Friday night then got out Vogue 1027, after my last day of work two days before SewcieTea.  I cut out roughly 50% of the pattern on that night, until I hurt my back and had to lay down. I finished the cutting in the morning and sewed from till 3.30pm on Saturday. I spent another hour on Sunday morning, fixing little things and clipping all the threads off the dress. It took left that 24 hours to make this dress, I had frequent breaks as Ginger is getting in the way of the sewing machine. Which means it time for him to come out!

If your ever pregnant I highly recommend Vogue 1027. Even if your not pregnant I still highly recommend it. Hats off to Donna Karan (or the person that actually designed this delightful pattern), I made minor adjustments to the pattern, the highlight to be was no FBA was needed, which in my eyes makes it a winner!! It has been well noted on many blogs that this pattern won pattern of the year in 2008 on Pattern Review.  I can see why, oh and yes I love being behind the times.

This is the third time I've made Vogue 1027 and it will not be the last.

Changes I made:
Cut a  size 14
Took 2.5cm off the side seams on each side of the bodice.
Took 2.5 cm at the top of the skirt grading out to 1.5cm seam allowance.
Sway back adjustment of  2cm.
Basted the cross-over bodice piece at 2 or 2.5cm.
Used a twin needle to finish off the neckline and arms.
Left the bottom of the skirt unhemmed.
Left out the pockets.

Why didn't I just cut a 10 or 12 instead of taking such big chunks out you ask? Well, because I thought I needed to allow more room due to pregnancy, however this was so unnecessary as the pattern has a lot of ease and the fabric had more stretch that the two previous versions I have made. Next time whether or not I am pregnant I will cut out a 10 or 12 depending on stretch of the fabric.

The fabric was purchased from Spotlight either very late last year or very early this year, I bought 3 metres, and have over half a metre left.  The fabric has a lovely floral print, is very light and slinky. Some negatives about it, is it almost 100% poly, which made wearing everyday underwear difficult and there is no breath-ability in the fabric. I'm not sure I would make this again in a poly but I am eager for a cotton, bamboo or wool based fabric. Wool jersey fabric is currently calling my name, but I am trying to resist buying more fabric!

All in all, this is one of the best patterns I have worked with, I see myself using this as my tried and tested pattern for many, many years.

Lara made Vogue 1027 to wear to SewcieTea, I love how it turned out for her, I will be adding elastic to the neckline of my next versions as I think it is a tidy finish, and makes the dress sit well. Oh and she hemmed her skirt. Even if I had the time, I haven't had a hem that didn't buckle with a twin needle, any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Pattern Twins!
Photo by Rachel

Julia, Sarah and me.
I had a delightful time at SewcieTea, and I vote we do it twice a year, and visiting various locations around Melbourne. 

It was lovely to meet many new faces and some rather well known ones, like Julia and Lizzie! I'm so glad we all made the effort to be there on the day - it was lovely to talk to everyone. Unfortunately as I was talking so much I actually didn't eat much, I was so disappointed when I realized. 

I saw some absolutely amazing outfits on the day - I actually didn't expect anything less. My top 4 favourite dresses were in no particular order.

Mindy's beautiful yellow vintage vogue pattern, that girl can certainly pull off the vintage look!
Sarah's Eliza Dress, Sarah did that dress justice, she hand basted and everything. Its such a beautiful dress.
Rachel's Liberty dress, all I can say is Wow! The dress is even nicer in person than in photos, and the fit is perfect.
Jenny's red Va Va Voom dress, I couldn't stop looking at it, that dress is gorgeous!!

If you're interested in coming out for Frocktails please keep September the 7th free from 6pm onwards. 
I have almost picked a venue which is located in the heart of the city, which will make transportation options easier. Look out for more concrete information in May, feel free to plan away for the perfect outfit!

We welcome interstate visitors for Frocktails- if you need a lift from the airport I will doing a pick up around 10am on Friday. The ever lovely Amanda from Bimble and Pimble and Kirsty from RocketSew are coming in then as we are making a weekend of it. I plan on having a baby free weekend, Ginger will be 4 months old around that time, I'm so excited! I think Ben is slightly scared.

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby shower and Vogue 1027 Maternity style.

A few weeks ago I had my baby shower, my wonderful sister and a good friend hosted it for me.  It was an afternoon tea party, as afternoons are my favorite time of day. Naps and food such a wonderful combination! 

I invited a few but not many sewing friends to my shower. I wish I could of invited everyone but I did have a limit on numbers. :) 

This was hands down the best present that I got on the day, my face was covered by the quilt, as I was choking back tears! Thank you again Melanie, Sarah, Rachel and Belle!! I am a lucky friend to have you all go to so much effort for me and ginger. It goes perfectly in the nautical themed nursery. 

I chose to make Vogue 1027 for the shower not a maternity pattern but I knew it would work. It was the first knit dress pattern I ever bought, both the pattern and fabric were from Clegs, I believe the fabric is a slinky poly mix, that you can buy for round $8.95 or $12.95. This was not an expensive dress. I bought 3 metres and had a bit left over. 

You can see from the photo that I have pinned the bodice, I didn't need to but I didn't want to flash anyone. Also I am wearing the wrong bra with this dress, years on it still bugs me. 

Pregnancy related, I have been feeling surprisingly good, although I keep forgetting my stomach is so large, I keep hitting/ bumping doors on myself, Ginger does not appreciate it. Morning sickness stopped in very late December so I have had a good few weeks! I can't wait for the baby to be here so I can lie down comfortably!

Me in Vogue 1027, and Rachel in her self drafted dress.

Pattern: vogue 1027
Size: 16 straight.
Fabric: slinky poly knit from Clegs
Alternations: 2.5cm sway back adjustment

This was packed away after the pregnancy ended. If I was to make it up for normal wear, I would cut two sizes down and take 10cm off the hem. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gifts for Ginger.

Whilst I was planning the sewing social, Suzy from Suzy Bee Sews emailed me, telling me she would love to join us, and she would like to gift me a quilted cot blanket for Ginger.
Needless to say I was delighted, at prospect of meeting her and the lovely gift, I've seen quilts being made so I understand the time and effort that goes into making one.

Suzy gave me the quilt on the day of the sewing social fabric trip. I have to say how much I love this quilt, the colours are much brighter IRL and they are a perfect combination, the green really pops with the navy which is my all time favourite colour.

The back has a really interesting feature so if Ginger is sick on one side, I can just turn it over and it's still interesting, just joking. I can see this quilt becoming very handy and I have had a few compliments on it already.

I just want to say publicly a big thank you to Suzy, I love the quilt and you are an extremely generous person.

On the same day as Suzy gave me the quilt, Kirsty from Rocket Sews surprised me with this gorgeous sailor outfit!  The outfit fits in with Ginger's nautical themed nursery, which is coming along swimmingly. You can see better photos on her blog here. The size is 00, which will hopefully last him a while.

Front view

Back of the outfit.
Kirsty also sent the pattern which is by Burda, two pieces of lovely fabric and some buttons in the mail about two weeks later. I've managed to cut out the bottom for Ginger, but haven't gotten that far as I need to buy thicker elastic for the band. I have plans to make the outfit in navy cotton sateen, with white buttons, hopefully he won't look to OTT.

I have been really touched by the effort that my lovely sewing friends have made, I have one more present to share, which you may of seen, which will be in a later post when I blog about my baby shower and dress.

Look out for little thank you present in the mail, Kirsty and Suzy.

Scar update: Just in case you're wondering, after two infections in my scar, it is healing up nicely although it is still purple, hopefully another month or two and it will be completely healed up.