Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sorbetto: Wildly Unflattering

I thought that this fit well and looked good.
I think not. I wore it out a lot before these photos. It's such a shame as I love the fabric, which was a remnant from the cloth shop, it's beautiful voile, purchased about 4.5 years ago.

What do I really need?

I need a new wardrobe, specifically tops, I've put on more weight, too much really, since the toddler was born, and my old clothes don't fit and my shape has changed dramatically because of it. Im struggling to get it off, so for now I'll live with it. Also I really struggle with what I find to be flattering theses days. My waist isn't as small as it use to be so now I'm not sure what does flatter me.
Taking stock of what I need in my winter wardrobe since it is getting so much colder I need warm layering clothing, specifically a few long sleeve knit tops and some cardigans, a few dresses would be nice but not neccassary. I don't wear dresses that much anymore.

Some patterns I'd love to use:

McCall's 6996

Kwik Sew 3801

Vogue 8952
Vogue 9056
I don't have much more than that planned but I think thats enough for now.
Ps all the drawings/ models are brunettes. Is it a sign? (joking)

What cost?

It's that dreaded time of renewal! I hate it, as most  insurance companies won't be giving you a better deal unless you change providers. When I was shopping around for home and contents insurance, I did a very rough tally on our contents and came up with a value. I showed Ben and his first question was "does that include all your sewing stuff?"

I love that man! No it didn't, I didn't leave it out on purpose I just struggled to find a number that would reflect how much I think it's worth and the actual value.
I know what my machines would be worth if they need replacing, but what would the modern and vintage patterns, books, tools and fabric be worth? I think I would be in the low range of five digit! Writing it sounds overwhelming but as long as my stash is kept in storage containers its very managable. I hope to sell my vintage patterns soon.

I hope never to have my house and possesion destroyed as I'm not sure I could bring myself to buy my stash again!