Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ekk no sewing for a while.

Alas I was wrong, we do have to move. We have one week to vacate, so that means all my holidays will be looking for a new house/unit to live in. So no sewing - I am very disappointed but it means next house/unit we will have complete freedom and a binding contract, which I'm looking forward too. So I won't be posting for a while, hopefully I'll be back in February. Till then take care.
I'm  off to pack up the sewing room. Hopefully in our new house/unit I will still have a sewing room.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sewing Goals

I was pondering what goals I wanted to plan for this year and this is my list for sewing. I am a born list maker. I always feel better when I sit down and write lists, it cathartic for me.
This year:
Blog more, less about patterns more about my actual sewing.
Use more of my stash and use it regularly.
Sell unwanted patterns
Have the skills to use stretch knits, silks and gorgeous linens
Clean out the sewing room and reorganise storage
Aim to make 20 items this year.
Have more confidence -sewing wise.
If we buy a house make the bedroom curtains – now this may sound easy but for the house and curtains I have in mind I want to use a really heavy silk as the windows are a big feature of the bedroom, I think with a neutral wall colour this will look quite striking. I may change my mind before then.
Some personal goals:Reorganise/ streamline my wardrobe ( get rid of a lot of clothes).
Develop personal sense of style.
Do a course in makeup.
Be better groomed.
Summer Sewing:
For my summer sewing projects, my theme will be blue fabric. I realise I have only two blue dresses and no blue skirts. There is a major gap in my wardrobe – colour wise, not clothes wise. =P I seem to have lots of blue fabric in my stash so that will be put to good use.
I noticed that spotlight had 50% off all patterns - I just couldn't help myself so here's what I bought:
Simplicity :2588,2359,2362,2587,2694 and 2886.
New Look: 6805 and 6996 
Good news on the pattern front, I'm going to ease my conscience and open an Etsy shop! I know I shouldn’t feel bad about having lots of patterns but I know that I won’t use some of them. Normally I hate people shamelessly plugging their stuff on their blogs, but I am only going to mention it now and when I get it up and running. Although I may do a giveaway before I do that. Any takers?
Kat xo

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sewing Summer Holiday Goals

What do you think is an ideal goal for 3 weeks of holiday, sewing wise?? At this stage I have nothing planned socially and we may be moving house, but its unlikely at this stage. I want to make some casual summer day dresses with pockets and at least two skirts. I have some fabulous silk dupioni in indigo that would look stunning in this skirt tutorial, so that's a must make! 

I also want to sell or give away some vintage patterns that I have no plans to use. I may open a etsy shop, but I really don't want it to become a hassle. Any tips on what to do?
Have a lovely evening.