Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My next project... Vogue 8472

So I still haven't finished sewing the simplicity pattern yet. Which is terrible as it may never get done now! I can procrastinate like nobodies business. I've already cut everything out, its already to go, I always start the skirt first as I find this the easiest part. My fabric is a cotton sateen, i think it was called Monet Blue, but don't quote me & a cream/ nude lining.

In other news, next week I start another sewing class on saturdays at another sewing centre, this one is a little far, its in Werribee where I bought my machine from. My husband loves I have a hobby, but I'm so glad that i take care of our $$$ as sewing is rather an expensive hobby, but well worth I think. Anyhoo soon enough I may have two dresses done!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the middle of New Look 6723...

This is my first dress (making view D, I'm using a beautiful blue & floral cotton sateen fabric) that I've ever attempted to make, and its going well....except I've lost my pattern instructions for page 3. :(
I'm not to sure if I'll be able to find on the Internet, but here's hoping!

Once I've finished 6723, which I'm sure I'll make again, I already have 3 patterns cut, waiting to be made...but I'll show you once i can find my camera cord.

Bye for now,