Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What not to do at social sewing.

Warning this post is not for the faint of heart or squeamish.
If this is you, please do not read below, think of prancing unicorns in a field of pansies or something similar.

All fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Last Saturday morning I was at GJ's for the social sewing, having walked to Rathdowne and back with Sarah and Jennette to see if I could use my scoopon.

As I was making up the stairs, I was dragging my sewing trolley case to the room we sew in, one third of the way up, I decided to carry it instead of dragging it as it felt unsteady, I knew the base poles popped out now and again, however what I didn't realise that they had come loose and were dragging on the floor. As I swung it up passing it over from my right to left hand, I felt the case poles scratch at my left leg, and then catch on my dress, inhibiting my movement up the stairs, I looked down at my leg as I thought I had scratched it, to my alarm I saw open skin, but at this stage no blood. I called for Rachel, using a normal voice not really alerting anyone to my issue.
I became extremely hot, and started sweating (I know I'm a fainter in certain situations). I started calling out again, to her and to anyone for help.

Rachel quickly came, I told her I was in some trouble and asked her to detach my dress from the case and take my case, the darling thing practically threw it up the stairs. :)

Some staff came to assist us, they made me sit down, someone suggested calling an ambulance which I believed I scoffed at until Rachel piped up and said "no, I think you need an ambulance",  I looked at my leg and then started agreeing with all of them. I needed an ambulance as the cut on my leg was not a scratch is a was a gash! A great big bloody 10cm by 1cm gash, and boy was it a bleeder!

Angie and the staff were fantastic and GJ's first aid kit is so well stocked, if you have to injure yourself you might as well do it there, as they provide great help. In all seriousness, please don't.

I feel bad that I didn't even get a chance to pay my $10 before I started bleeding on the store's floor - thankfully I have been told they have managed to get the blood off the steps before lunch time. For anyone who had to walk over it, I apologise and you should of seen my shoes. :)

Vanessa and Grant were the paramedics that took me and Rachel (who selfless volunteered to come with me) to St.Vincents hospital (shortest waiting time) they were lovely and very helpful, and I was grateful to have them there assisting me, I think paramedics do a wonderful job. I have never ridden in an ambulance before, I didn't really enjoy myself as much as I thought I would, I could feel the adrenaline fading once I had to lay down. I got given some horrible pain medication to snort up my nose, it did nothing except make me feel sick.

Once we got to St.Vincent's we had to wait about 3 hours to see a doctor, I think I would of left, if it wasn't for Rachel, who kept me entertained and fed, I can honestly say I will never knit but I can certainly see the attraction. We have both agreed she has done her allotted time waiting in hospitals for the year.

Once we were in the emergency area, we waited a further hour for a bed, I was a little frustrated with how long the staff seemed to be taking, as I was well and truly over hospitals, waiting areas and wounds by that stage, I can only imagine how Rachel felt. 

We finally got a bed and within half an hour I was well and truly stitched up, although I got jabbed about 6 times with a local anesthetic to numb my wound. That was painful! I had bottom stitches and 10 surface stitches as it was deep cut.
Do I look as uncomfortable as I feel? No whale comments, please.
Cue horrible photo.

The wound, before.

All stitched up.

Patched up and ready to go.
By the time the doctor had finished stitching me up, Rachel had rung a taxi and we were almost out of there!
I got my letter for my normal doctor and caring for my wound instructions and then BAM, we were on our way to Rachel's house to the social sewing ladies who were going swimming at Rachel's place, more than 5 hours after we arrived.

I have to say how happy I was with how I handled myself, a few people have commented about me being so happy, not freaking out etc while at GJ's, but to things into perspective, I knew I wasn't going to die, and more importantly that Ginger wasn't in any trouble, I could still feel him moving about and I was a bit high on adrenaline. The social sewing ladies were particularly helpful, cracking jokes etc and keeping me happy. What happened has happened, it could of been much worse but I'm thankful I at least get a good story out of it.

There is always the next sewing social month!! I promise not to injure myself! Woo, see Rachel's blog for dates.

A big thank you goes out to:
Rachel - that girl is such a good friend, helping me out big time and didn't complain when wasting 5 hours of sewing time by spending it with me.
Sarah - for taking my over locker out of my car.
Melanie - for not fainting, she was looking mighty green and very horrified. I think it was best for everyone that us that she didn't accompany me to the hospital. - Love you Mel!
Oanh - for giving us lollies to take with us.
The lovely ladies at GJ's Fabric who were fantastic and very helpful.

The social sewing ladies are the best and I'm so glad to have them in my life!

Thanks for reading,

Kat x

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ladies, start your engines.

Are we all bursting with excitement for the shopping day tomorrow? I know I'm looking forward to it.

On to some minor changes....
-I have changed one of the store on the list, we will no longer be going to Franke Stuart, it closes too early and I feel we would better off visiting Astratex on lennox st in Richmond as they are having a 50% off sale this week only. Trust me, if you like high quality Italian fabrics, you need to visit this store. They have this sale twice a year only.
Amanda, Belle and I popped in late this afternoon, I was insisting that I was going to drop them off, and leave for my baby appointment, I stayed for the entire visit, it was a lovely store with great stock.
Amanda fell in love with some beautiful dove grey wool angora fabric which she left behind, I did try to get her to buy it however she foiled my evil plans!
-We are taking 3 cars for the day, Rachel, Melaine and myself will be driving, it would be a very nice gesture if you offer your driver some petrol money. :)
-Melaine is leaving us for dinner, she has a hot date :P, so if you are in her car you will need to find your way back to GJ's if thats where you have left your car, I am happy to take people back on my way home, but as I'm pregnant and I get tired easily, this maybe earlier than you might like.

The Addresses

We are going to the stores in this order, if you would like to know where we are at any given time, comment on this post or text me for those who have my number.

1. G J's Discount Fabrics, 443 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Victoria
I would suggest parking your car at GJ's then walking the 300 or so metres to Rathdowne.
2. Rathdowne Fabrics 154/158 Victoria St Brunswick VIC 3056
3.Darn Cheap Fabrics 113-115 Burgundy St Heidelberg VIC 3084
4. The Cloth Shop 47 Lower Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe VIC 3079
Find a park for your car and walk to the Button shop & Cutting Edge.
 5.The Button Shop 181 Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC 3144
6. Cutting Edge Fabric 189 Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC 3144
7. Astratex 285 Lennox St Richmond VIC 3121
8. The Fabric store 184 Brunswick st Fitzroy VIC 3065
9. Alannah Hill, fabric section is upstairs, two doors down from The fabric store.
10. Rockwell and sons 288 Smith St Collingwood VIC 3066

Remember we are leaving for Darn cheap at 9.45 from GJ's/ Rathdowne at the latest so please be punctual if you are departing with us.

I think that is all I need to say for now, hopefully I haven't left anything out!
See you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FYI Rathdowne Fabrics & a Scoopon Deal.

Just thought I'd write a quick post to let you know a great deal I saw via twitter about Rathdowne Fabrics & Scoopon. This would make a great present - I'm hoping my sister will take my email as a hint and purchase one for my birthday day!

I got the below from the Scoopon website.

  • $15 for a $50 spend in store at Rathdowne Fabrics & Remnants
  • Upgrade to a $100 spend for just $30!
  • Official fabric suppliers to Project Runway Australia!
  • Choose from a huge range of fabrics including bridal silks and satins, beaded lace, chiffon lace, prints and plain cottons, knits, furnishings and high end stock designer fabrics
  • Latest fabric arrivals include Bettina Liano, White Suede, Zimmerman, Wayne Cooper, Allanah Hill & more
  • Extensive range of remnant pieces available too – great for quilting and crafting!
  • Plus pick from an array of haberdashery, patterns and more
  • Just present your Scoopon in store to redeem
  • Brunswick location
  • Get up a Scoopon for yourself and another to give as a gift!
  • Great gift idea for anyone studying fashion or interested in crafting and sewing
  • See the full range
  • You more than double your spend and save 70%!

  • The Fine Print:
  • Offer valid from 13 February 2013 to 13 May 2013
  • Scoopons available in your account and redemptions taken from 13 February 2013
  • Valid for in-store purchases only
  • Present printed Scoopon on arrival
  • Subject to availability
  • 1 Scoopon redeemable per person; 1 Scoopon may be purchased as a gift
  • Max 1 Scoopon redeemable per person per visit
  • Scoopons for this offer are limited

  • You have 6 days left to buy the vouchers.

    Thanks for reading!