Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another sewaway make (kwik sew 3801)

Pattern: kwik sew 3801
Size: M
Fabric: wool blend knit from Gorman
Price: $4pm (the same fabric in blue is $8pm)

Shaped the arm holes and side seams
Took off 3cm off the side seam
Narrowed the sleeves by 3.5cm - I hate loose sleeves.
Didn't hem the sleeves or bottom hem
Add the sleeves from view A

Would I make this again?  
Of course!! It's a great pattern that would look great in lots of sweater fabrics.
The fabric is wonderful, I'm not sure I would look good in orange, yet I wear it anyway, usually with a scarf to put some colour between my face and the top. 
The fabric doesn't fray so I didn't need to hem it.
I will however lengthen the top by 2.5cm and hem it on my next version. 
Shorten the sleeves by 4cm and hem. I just adjust this while I'm wearing it. 
As Liz pointed out, the is something you would see in witchery or the like, however I like my top better than their stuff! I really try not to be on trend. 😉

Notes for next time: 
Cut a small, it runs large.