Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas presents, past and present.

I am a lucky lady, especially when it comes to Christmas presents. My family knows of my love and accumulation habits of all things related to sewing. I usually get cash, vouchers and interesting little knick knacks for my hobby. 

For the past two years, I am now getting lovely handmade gifts. Christmas 2012 saw this big, thread board made by Ben, come into my life. It was and is love, Ben counted all my thread, and then added more spaces for future acquisitions. Isn't she lovely?

Ignore the test paint on the wall, still haven't decide on a colour for the room yet!

The board has room for 3 scissors stacked on one another, and a French curve. You can see that I add another ruler to the board when it's not in use. 

Christmas 2013, I recieved an overlocking thread board, again made by Ben. Room for 80 reels, which is slightly too many but hey, it's better than not enough, am I right? 

The board is currently sitting on my fabric cabinet, this houses all my patterns and majority of my stash. Again Ben made it. Sensing a theme here? The cabinet was for my birthday/ I need the space combination. The cabinet holds 9, 32-35 litre tubs, top three are sewing/toy/ craft patterns, the rest hold tubs of fabric. 

When I recently requested another 3 cubby holes be added to top for more cough fabric space cough, I was met with a resounding no! 

But I may have won him round as floor to ceiling cupboards are going to be installed later in the year. I'll then have even more space for fabric!

More photos of my sewing room to come soon.