Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Simplicity 2444
Simplicity 2444 is more than half way done, need some front skirt alterations.

I had Monday off due to an unfortunate car incident, luckily we've been really quiet at work, so it didn't cause any problems.

I cut out New Look 6130, the colour is a blend of teal and mint green fabric is from Darn Cheap in Heidelberg when we had our sewing class shopping day. I have enough left over to squeeze a Sorbetto top without the fold, it will be the original length which for me is to short, but it will be a good top to wear with skirts. The fabric has a cute woven Circe pattern running through it.

No photos to show but I'm so close to finishing my knit dress made of Ponte from the Clegs remnant sale, I'm calling it my $12 dress. I'll get some photos tonight.

What are you working on?