Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is my happening and it freaks me out...

Yes it really does freak me out. I have been invited to a 70's party, the theme in particular is Austin Powers eek!

As soon as we got the invitation I thought, Great I'll just sew something right up. Now ladies, I am a 50's girl not a 70's so i have nothing in my stash, so i thought I would get a pattern. Mini dresses do not appeal to me as they are so short. I'm sure there will be enough flesh on display with out me embarrassing myself. Its like Halloween, all the girls (except me) dress rather shall we say skimpy. So. this is the pattern I bought, Simplicity 8233. I plan on making view 4, the jumpsuit.

 I have a few concerns as I am a pear shape, I don't think its going to be particularly flattering, secondly the amount of fabric that it will need, I think this is going to be an expensive costume as I wont be wearing it in real life. What type of print should I go for? I'd rather go for a solid print but I've been told its not 70's enough. Or do you think I should go for view 1 and just make it a little longer or wear thick tights? Any suggestions or ideas would be most helpful.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I say go with view 1 and just make it longer then wear it with boots to look really 70s. I have a costume party this weekend coming and I have nothing to wear. I think I might make something but everyone else has bought costumes so they are actually good costumes and mine will just be a crappy homemade one. I am not too sure how I feel turning up as the only one with a made costume but the ones you can buy are all too short and skanky. I think I am just feeling a little woe is me at the moment. I might just sew something and see how I feel. I really want to be snow white!

  2. Something I think is really classic 70's is chevron stripes - would be a real talking point in the mini pantdress!
    You might find View 1 is a reasonable length, I have found that sometimes the illustrations are a bit shorter than the real thing.

  3. I have to admit to being a sucker for the jump suit and pant dress, I have a couple to make up, I love them, but then I've always been described as quirky when it comes to fashion! (And if you look on the photo blog page of my blog, you'll see me wearing my mom's original 70s jumpsuit which is a mosaic type pattern which makes large flowers).

    I think they're also flattering on the pear shape because essentially they are wide leg pants with the bodice attached and skim over the hips. However as you say its a lot of fabric for something you may wear once, so why not the dress with tights and boots. I adore the sweetheart neckline.

    As for fabric, agree with Sherry, that chevron strips would be fab, if you want to go funky then there's also paisley, florals, even tartan. But I've quite a few patterns for 70s evening wear and quite often its photographed in crepe back satin and crimpolene in solids colours with metallic trims to add detail (like on this pattern).

  4. Thanks ladies for all your advice and comments. At this stage I'm just looking at fabric, I love the idea of chevron stripe for either the mini dress or the jumpsuit. It turns out i have something similar look wise to view 3, very soft blu with pinkish/coral dots. I'm going to find the fabric then make my decision when I work out how much it will cost. I'm not usually tightfisted but I dont think I'll ever wear them again, and I dont think I could throw them away.