Saturday, October 23, 2010

Completed Vogue 1043

I've been quite sick recently, and am still not on the road to recovery just yet, but I feel my energy returning, slowly.

Alas, sewing has been the last thing on my mind recently, but I have manage to finish my dark blue vintage vogue dress 1043.

This was quite an easy dress for a reissued vintage pattern. I had one or two issues, the gussets were a major pain, which i had to do over and over. In one area I didn't trace out the pattern properly, so i had to be creative, I love my teacher Cheryl for coming up with the answer to the problem. (Note to self go to bed when you are tired!)
I shortened the length considerably and am thinking of cutting off more, I think I would like it better around the knees not calf length. All in all the fabric was nice to work with, the colour is fantastic, the photos do not do it justice. I'm thinking of going back to Frank Stuart to get more to make a vintage skirt. I put an invisible zipper in all by myself, it was very exciting to get it right as this is my fourth time putting in a zipper! I'm still a newbie in the sewing world! Matching belt is to come.

Not sewing related but look what my darling husband bought for me, because I've been sick and "just because I love you". How lucky am i?? Its much lighter colour irl.

An Orton bag! Its a very striking purple.

PS. Also I have decided not to make the Chantilly dress for the master plan just yet. The sew-a-long has come to halt until after Christmas.

Bye for now.


  1. Sorry you've been sick, chick. But looking at that gorgeous dress must surely help a little!

  2. It does help, I can't believe that I made that! I shorten it again by 3 inches. It is now at the dryer cleaners getting a good press!

  3. I've been looking at dress patterns because I want a vintage-style 40s or 50s era dress that isn't too attention grabbing to wear to my brother's wedding next year, and I already have 10 yards of fabric for whatever pattern I find. Then I had pretty much decided on this pattern when I followed the link from your review to your page. My fabric is a shiny, satin-like dark blue, darker than yours (although I think I like yours better! :))

    I think this'll be the perfect option because it sorta looks like a 'normal/modern' dress but with vintage styling in the neckline/bodice. Thanks for sharing your projects.