Friday, October 8, 2010

The Grand Master Plan

As you know I've set myself a goal to not buy anymore patterns for a while, I plan to stick to that and try to start sewing some of the material I already have, to help reduce my stash. So I've decided to have a master/grand plan.

On Friday night, I went through all my fabric and  patterns and matched them up as best I could. Here is what I plan to do hopefully before the end of the year, I have 11 weeks.

1. Blue and White Polka dots with Vogue 6478 (Vintage)

two darts, the zipper and the hem to go
2. Cornflower Blue Cotton Sateen with McCall's 4870 view b (Vintage)

3.  Black, Pink and Cream silk ( from Tessuti's ) with Vogue 8556

4. Butterick 9265 in Michael Miller's "Midnight Mumms" or Cotton Sateen.
What do you think??


5. Vogue 8631 The "Betty dress"

I'm not sure about the fabric, I was going to use it to make an outfit for my niece, but I don't have enough for both.

6. Vogue 2958 (draft of dress only out of calico)

7. Soft Blue Linen with Chantilly

8. New Look 6904 maybe with the fabric from #5.

9. Dark Blue fabric with Vogue 1043. (I'm cheating on this one as I've started and almost finished this, but I'd rather have something ticked off my list sooner rather than later. )

Completed.I also have some fabric that I would love to use but I'm at a loss as with what to do with it, due to the little amount of the fabrics, mostly 2 metres or under.

Cotton Jacquard I bought from Singapore 2mts.

There is more I could show you but I'll keep you in suspense for know. I
 will post more later.

Meanwhile last week I bit the bullet and finally bought a cutting mat and rotary blade I can't being to tell you how wonderful they are! Defiantly a good investment. I don't know why I waited so long.

Do you think I've bitten off more that I can chew?

I'm excited to have such a plan but i don't want to "rush" my sewing experience. I know I'll start off on one of the vintage patterns, then move on to something a little easier. I like to have two projects on the go, to make life a little  more interesting. :p


  1. I happen to be a big fan of over planning and only finishing half! ;)
    I can't wait to see that first dress, the pattern looks adorable (as do all these picks)
    For the last fabric, you could probable squeeze out a pencil skirted sheath dress (a la early 60s style)?
    P.S. holy crap there's only 11 weeks left in the year?
    ~ Alana

  2. I thought about a shift dress, but the idea doesn't appeal as I'm getting bigger in the thigh, bum area and don't know if it would flattering and it would be a shame to waste the fabric. Just for you Alana, I'll make the first pattern first ;) I know I am going to finish them but maybe 11 weeks is too much.

  3. :) wow thats a lot of sewing! looks fab though your finished dress made me go oooooh Its beautiful. I had 1.5m of tweed left and made a simple pencil skirt, only problem is the waist on the pattern is too small so I have to patch the back peices in. Oh well I'll call it a detail! x

  4. Hi stevie two down and only 500 to go. Haha. I'm pretty sure i won't make it in 10 weeks, but i'll get there eventually. thanks for commenting.