Sunday, November 7, 2010

in the works

Hi all,
Just giving you an update as I haven't posted in a while. I think I should just state that unlike most sewers I am not monogamist to my projects I love to have 2 or so on the go.

I am currently working on Vintage McCall's 4870, I bought 4 metres of blue cotton sateen fabric, it turns out I did the conversions wrong and I needed more than 4 metres, as the skirt is so full! I didn't make a muslin silly me, I cut the shorter waist length out, boy was that a mistake, so now I have to cut the bodice out again. In the modern patterns I usually shorten the waist. Luckily I have enough fabric. I am now taking a break on this on until I finish the baby new look.

Vintage Vogue 6478, which has been so easy to sew up, almost finished except for the bow bit, it is a little bit more snugger than I would like, i must stay away from the chocolate biscuits.

making view d and f
 New Look 6904 ( for my niece's Christmas present) needs to be finished asap. This is my first time working with buttons, which I am looking forward to. I bought some cute retro fabric it has hot pink/redish and white buttons over white fabric. I had been eyeing it of for some time and finally when i had decided that I would buy it, it was $2 per metre! Woohoo, bargain. I will post photos of the fabric later.


  1. that pattern is so cute! I am making a wall hanging to my niece for Christmas this year. I wanna make the other kids stuff but their all boys aged between 2 & 6 so they are a bit harder to make things for. I might make the youngest a little batman cap and mask.

  2. aw thanks, I'd like to think I have good taste. :P
    If its anything like the snow white costume it'll look fab!