Tuesday, November 9, 2010

being cheap at spotlight for Simplicity 8233

Just a quick update on the simplicity 8233, I spent over an hour wandering around the fabric section at spotlight. I picked up many bolts of fabric but rejected them all due to being too ugly 70's,  too pretty, pastel colours that definitely weren't not 70s. I made my way over to the quilting section where I found a vast array of fabric that weren't too hideous but most were over priced at around $15 to $20. I was looking to pay under $10 p/m, cheap i know, but i am never going to wear it again so I'm not spending a fortune.

I found two I really liked one for $4 (hot pink to purple colour with a feather motif and small print)and the other $6 (its a light apple green with tear drop style) I'll post photos when my camera isn't having a fit. I think I'm set on cutting out the hot pink fabric. Is that 70's enough?

In real life news, not related to sewing at all: I am suffering from hay fever, this year has been the worst by far, I am seriously considering moving to the south pole as I'm sure they wouldn't get hay fever. 

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