Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Makeup, when safe is too boring & more patterns on the way.

My darling mother is letting me put a makeup order when she goes past duty free in two weeks time.
I try to wear Mac cosmetics as I find the products great, expensive as they are, the pigment of foundation are high, and they last for quite some time. I am stocking up mostly on foundation and eye shadow.

This leads me to notice while going through my make up draw, that I have 3 main colours of eye shadow in my draw, soft pinks, light purples and gold. I try to aim for classic and subtle in many areas of my life and make up is no exception, but I am being boring or too safe?

I have seemed to have lost my way in regards to knowing what looks good, makeup wise. These both of these colours plus some darker purple and brown shades excites me, but how do you know if they suit?

So some questions for you dear readers if you can answer.

How can you be classic but at the same time different from your normal routine or sexy?
How do you know things that suit you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on your own colours & choices.
What books or magazines do you consult before buying make up?

I should note that in the coming year I plan to do a makeup course, just to learn the basics and see if what I’ve missed. 3 weeks ago I finally bought some red nail polish, and I love it! It matches my Butterick 5486 dress.

In sewing related news I won these patterns on eBay.

I am hanging out to make the 1123 and 2491 on the bottom right. I have some material already picked out.

Thanks for reading. :)



  1. What a great haul! Plenty to choose from there!
    I especially love the pants pattern on the bottom left!

  2. Hi! The bottom right pattern is amazing! I'm very jealous (I've promised myself I wont buy any more patterns until I've made some of them!)Plus the second from top right dress looks like Rizzo's red and black dress from the Grease dance off which I've wanted since I was 8!

    I totally know what you mean with the makeup, I tend towards more classic looks and then wonder if I've made myself look like, a clown when I put more on! Generally my night/formal look is similar to my day but more so. I wear black or brown liquid liners and soft brown or purple eyeshadow along the lash line during the day, but then at night I put more over the lid, darker and wider along the lash line or vamp up the colour a bit. I'm a big fan of wetting my eye shadows so you can get a more dramatic look, which you can sweep along the lash line like a more exaggerated liner. Frequently also just making yourself look more groomed or "put together" makes you look more fancy, so I'll use an eyebrow pencil and lipstick, even if they are very natural in colour. (though red lipstick is fabulous fun to wear!)

    I love your blog. I'm just starting out and it great to see how good other people are getting!

  3. That is a super pattern haul!! Wow, am looking forward to seeing lots of new posts!!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting the other day. Nice to know you're not blogging to thin air sometimes!
    Miss P