Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To keep or not to keep, McCalls 8766

Here it finally is, McCall's 8766.

It's very sack like so I added a belt for most of the night. I was holding a lot of fabric in my hands in this photo. I'm tempted to unpick the dress to make something more wearable out of it or should I just keep it and take a lot out of the sides, change the neckline and shorten it a little more?

Opinions please.

I love how everyone really got into the swing of things and made an effort to dress up. It was a great night, enjoyed by all. 

I received the patterns I bought off eBay today - the fastest shipping I've ever received, which is nice. So I'm going to start my Christmas dress, hopefully it will be simplicity 1123. Oh on friday I received crepe pattern! Thanks again, Helen.


  1. I like it with the belt - very cute. Maybe take it in a little in the back? But I do think it looks good with the belt on. Keep it!

  2. I like it with the belt. You could still take it in a bit at the sides though and alter the neckline then wear it with a belt. That's what I would do.

    I ned to decide what dress I want to wear for Christmas and make something. I have never made myself something to wear for Christmas. I usually make myself a birthday outfit but this year we were camping so I didn't. A Christmas dress might be a good replacement.

  3. I really like it - but I would shorten the hem a bit. I think those tent-y styles look good when they are a bit shorter. Maybe 2 inches above the knee?

  4. It's really nice and looks very chic with the belt. What lovely fabric. And I adore your dog!