Monday, November 22, 2010

A change of plans....

This is what happens when you’re sick with sever bronchitis and asthma, and you’ve been at the doctor’s everyday for the last 5 days on the ventilator. You show up to your Saturday morning sewing class leaving at home, all the 3 items you have been working on lately. Home is at least 30 minutes away and you’re already 5 minutes late when you arrive. All you have in your sewing trolley bag is a sewing machine, your notions for the things you left behind, 6 “new” vintage patterns to show your teacher and some fabric you took so you could both admire.

Introducing McCall’s 8766, she’s not finished yet and it hurt to cut the fabric up for this pattern, so for one more week she will look like this and then be transformed into something I can wear normally. But for the Austin Powers Party she will be great. The length will be above the knees, the sleeves will also be shorten to elbow length. Oh I should add that I will put the other sleeve in soon. It looks horrible in the photo but looks better on.

I think by adding some drop earrings in black and having a chucky necklace will 70’s it up or am I being too subtle?

In regards to reworking the dress once the party is over, I’m thinking of rounding out the neck, making cap sleeves and adding a black band empire waisted style. Any suggestions? I’m open to anything. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. You poor thing! I know a little of how you feel because am having similar health issues myself. It sucks. Hope you're feeling better.
    Miss P