Thursday, November 18, 2010

New look 6899 a floral skirt

This is the first project I made back in February. Its New Look 6899.

The best thing I love about it is that it has pockets, nice big deep ones.

The worst thing about this skirt is the the waistband size.  My teacher told me i was at least a 16 so we cut a 16 through out. The skirt waistband just falls off so I've only worn it twice.

I love the fabric and it looks great with a crinoline underneath. If only I could do something different with the waistband. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I have heaps of fabric left.

I should just add that you really won't be able to see the waistband problem in the photo as the mani is a size 6 and the skirt is heavily pinned. 


  1. Can you take it in or would you have to take it apart too much. You may be able to take the waistband in a bit at each side. I love the fabric! Is it a circle skirt?

  2. Hi Kat
    I too am a "newbie" to the blogosphere, a vintage pattern junkie and a new(ish) sewer. Still attending classes and still learning! Your blog looks fab. Please feel free to pop by if you fancy a spot blog browsing.....Take care and happy sewing!

  3. I'd say you have two options: unpick the side seams and take some width out (possibly out of the skirt too, if the waistband seams and skirt seams line up), or remove the waistband and cut a smaller one (just gather the skirt part to make it fit). I feel your pain -- I've had this happen too, more than once ... whether I fixed it or not depended on how much I thought I would like the skirt. (Though I may fix that orphaned skirt yet.)

    Once I had a waistband pattern piece that fit the way I wanted, I started using it to measure my other patterns before I cut. It's not an exact science, since the waistband shape and the fabric matter too, but it has helped me avoid a few waistband calamities!

  4. That skirt is gorgeous, please ... you do not stop the grinding at the waist, I know it's tedious, but you will be happier when you can wear it comfortably.

  5. I agree, it is stunning.

    Where is the zipper? If it is at the back, I would take it in at side seams, or if it is on a side, cut a panel out of the back, making it evenly cut out either side of the centre back seams. Either way, I think you'll have to unpick the waist band. But it will be so worth it, because that fabric and style is just gorgeous.

  6. Kat: Yes it is a circle skirt. :)
    Portia: Ah you have one of my favourite’s names! I like your blog too, thanks for stopping by.
    Andrea: I don’t think I'll cut up the skirt, I'll just take from the waist band, and we'll see how it goes.
    Rachel: The zipper is on the left hand side. The fabric is cotton sateen. I think we have a common love of cotton sateen.
    I am resign to unpick & cut down the skirt. I'm sure it will work out well & I'll get more use out of it, once it’s done. I’m taking it to my class on Saturday so I’m sure I’ll have photos up soon.
    Thanks for everyone’s helpful comments. Kat