Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Maternity Plan.

Ladies, thank you so much for your well wishes, I was really touched by all the lovely comments.
I'm sorry I haven't reply to all of them, I have been frantically busy at work. Weekends seem to be as bad, I just want to drop relax, but with Christmas fast approaching I can't find the time. Thankfully I have sometime off from the 24th, this is the first year that I won't have to work over the holiday period.

This is the Christmas and onwards sewing plan, slightly ambitious given my lack of energy these days, but I hope to make the staples of my maternity wardrobe rather than buying majority of it.
I'm excited to be making the ruched maternity shirt, I have some cute pineapple yellow summer weight ponti and black and cream striped fabric purchased from Clegs, that will be perfect for this pattern.
I am wondering if an FBA will be needed. What are your thoughts, FBA yay or nay?

I've traced the parfait pattern, and made some maternity adjustments, I plan to make a top for a wearable toile and if it wears well I'll make the dress, which will be handy when nursing.

The simplicity pattern I have already made in blue polka dot woven fabric (view D), it was very cute, however when I went to wear it last Saturday, I found it didn't fit. I did some quick measuring to find out my bust had increased by another inch onto the 3 inches since I've been pregnant! Dear me, how far can you push bust adjustments? More than 5cm?

The burda maternity ruche skirt is a winner for me, this is completely work related, I think it will compliment the ruched shirt nicely. I'm yet to find fabric that will be suitable, but I think the navy will be perfect for work.

I bought this pattern off Sew Squirrel, I did have plans to make it, however this is now on the bottom of my list, I loved it when I bought it but not so much, why you ask? I have no idea.

I'm attending a wedding and an swanky engagement party in late January, I've decided I'll only be making one dress for both events, but I can't think of a pattern I want to make, I'm thinking a dressy maxi, as a long dress requires less beauty work (again limited time and energy to look nice. lol) Any advice on a easy maternity pattern or non maternity that I can alter?

I really love this leona edmiston dress, although its not a maternity style, I think it would flatter my bump. I don't think there is a chance of finding a similar style in a pattern that can be modified, so its not on the list.

Anyways, thats the plan, come what may.  Once again, thank you for all your well wishes!


  1. Oh the Leona Edminston dress is lovely! I would definately for a longer dress unless you get your legs waxed, I couldn't bend over to shave mine....

    What about a slinky maternity stretch dress? I hear they are all the rage

    1. I wax my legs regularly but I usually need a spray tan for special occasions, as they are so white! I have to maxi's that work for maternity, so I didn't plan on making any. I do however want to make a maternity maxi skirt, but couldn't find a pattern for the band, I am going to use my burda ruched skirt band as a jumping off point.

  2. Have you thought about vogue 8827?

    It could look very similar to LE dress if you changed the drape of the neckline?

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for the link, I have found another dress pattern from vogue similar to the LE dress. I'm trying to find similar fabric and I'll see how I go.

  3. All the patterns look great! I was pregnant back in the dark ages, lol, so I love all the options around now, it's all so bright and pretty. Can't wait to see what you make up :)

    1. Hopefully I'll make everything I want to, I have to start thinking a head to the colder months.

  4. I lurve that leona number. She makes great dresses but they're always in synthetic fabrics which have felt a bit icky to me! I initially thought that dress was an actual pattern and the instant purchase reflex was wound up - let me know what patterns you find that are similar to match?

  5. I have the Megan Nielson Tee!! Just awaiting the arrival of my jersey to get cracking! I can't wait to see the adjustments you have made to the parfait, too. I also have that pattern!! I am soooo excited!!!

    All the best and good luck!!

    Bundana xx