Thursday, December 20, 2012

Count me in!

To do the Hollyburn skirt with the ever lovely Rachel from My Messings.

The sew along starts around the 21st of January. Check out Rachel's blog for more information!
I have some lovely wool from Darn Cheap and the Cloth shop, that would be great for post pregnancy in winter, I'll need to guess the waist size, but I have plenty of fabric for both to re cut the correct size later on.

I hope you sew along too!


  1. Good on you for joining up with this sew-along! Your fabric sounds beautiful, and the skirt will be finished by the time winter comes around. But you still have your fantastic maternity sewing to do first...hope Ginger is behaving for you with all this recent heat...J

  2. Its a good reason to sew a winter skirt as our house is cold, cold, cold in winter! Yes, I've done pretty well so far with 4 tops done! Now I just have to cut out the rest. I don't have that much time to go. :)
    Thanks for your comment through out the year Judith!