Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ginger is 98%..................

After a false start (the ultrasound place changed our appointment time without telling us!), we now have confirmation that we have a little boy on the way!
It was a little bit of a shock to me as I was convinced I was having a little girl, I now have warmed up to the idea of a curly red headed little boy, like Ben, who will wear courtesy of me, little overalls and check shirts, and cute, cute outfits.
Last night I bought the book sewing for boys, has anyone used it?
Now that we have found out Ginger's sex, I am going to start organizing my ideas in regards to the nursery. As I said in my previous post, I plan on basing the room around Sara Jane's Out to Sea theme if it was a boy. The colour pallet at this will be cream, blues, red and white.

I honestly can't wait to make or have a quilt out of the fabrics Sarah Jane has available. Has anyone seen any nice quilts in a nautical theme so I can get ideas.

Etsy and pin interest are two great place to get inspiration and ideas. I plan to make curtains, bunting, some cushions, bibs, a cover seat for my toy chest I had as a child and maybe a quilt, if I can't make the quilt, I'm going to commission it. Looking at you Rachel!
If you have any opinions on what I need or don't for the nursery I would be grateful as I don't have a clue, apart from a comfortable chair, cot, change table, wardrobe and pram of course!

Thanks for reading. 
Kat x


  1. Congratulations! A beautiful boy to start your family - such exciting news. So now the pre-planning can start. Love your colours and theme ideas above. It is going to be super following your journey in 2013...J...and what is cuter than a mop of red curly baby hair!

  2. ** as a little extra, you may be interested in another site I follow - Rosi Button (
    She is a Brisbane girl, pregnant also, and she has just made the Megan Nielsen ruched maternity skirt - you two may have a lot in common!!!!

  3. Yay for boys!! I was blessed with two of them. Boys are cool. And they only require a few tried & true patterns. Our nursery/kids rooms is red, navy & white. My only two bits of advice is to remember that they're only babies for a short time before you know it he'll be a boisterous 4 year old and probably not that keen on the cutesy nursery stuff. The other tip is to keep things relatively neutral in case your second is a girl! They go through the baby clothes soooooo quickly and you might want to use them again for #2.

    Congratulations again. I am so very happy for you. Go nuts with the decorating!! L x

  4. Love the colour scheme and ideas :) And 24 hours on and I'm still thinking of knitting that blanket for you. Generally if an idea lasts that long in my head - I end up doing it!
    I think a nautical quilt would be gorgeous!!

  5. We didn't use a changing table. We used the top of a small vintage dresser with a curved changing pad on top. The type of pad that keeps the baby from rolling right or left. The dresser worked great and we didn't have a piece of specialized furniture to get rid of after he was out of diapers. We just re-purposed the changing table/dresser as a dresser to store his clothes.

  6. Yay for a boy! I just bought "sewing for boys" and plan to work my way through it next year. There's not too many baby patterns in it but if you're anything like me as a new mum it will be difficult to find time to sew anything under a size 0 or 1 anyway. You actually sound pretty organised nursery wise and I love the theme you've picked. I'm off to check out the Sarah Jane website you mentioned.

  7. I love that fabric line - it will make such a great nursery. Check out the Ottobre magazines for great kids patterns.

  8. Funny - I was convinced I was having boys and had two girls!
    I made this quilt for a friend...

    It was from an issue of Australian Homespun. Their's was in pastels - my was made almost exclusively from checked fabric - excluding the sky and the waves.

  9. Congratulations!! A little redheaded boy would be precious :)

  10. Congratulations to you as well!

  11. Aw yay! Congrats! We're looking forward to our little boy too.

  12. Congratulations! This is awesome news-no advice just best of luck with everything to come.