Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back, looking forward.

Well what a year 2012 was!

For me it was so much better than 2011, in almost every way, I am a much more happier person with less stress in my life. I got a better (stress free) job, I work with lovely supportive people, who really know how to bake!

My husband, Ben has been so good to me, not only in the last year but the 6.5 years we have been together, I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a loving man, who has been so supportive while I have been experiencing the "joys" of pregnancy.

I joined twitter, and have become slightly addicted, most of my posts and the ones I respond to are sewing related, so if your on twitter, my user name is Allegravintage, look me up. ;)

I have made new friends, who all have an interest in the same area I do, sewing! Thank you to Rachel of Boo dog and Rachel of My Messings who organized social days. I hope we get to see even more of each other in 2013.

Below are some of the goals, I jotted down recently that relate to things I've talked about on my blog.

Goals for 2013.
Finish my maternity sewing.
Have a healthy baby.
Loose the baby weight.
Sew more casual clothes.
Use the patterns I have, try not to buy more patterns.
Participate in Rachel's sew-a-long.
Hold the social sewing fabric shopping trip.
Blog everything that I finish - doesn't sound that hard but I am terrible with this. I have over 10+ things that I've finished and never blogged.
Get back into gardening.
Reply to all comments left on the blog minus the spam.
Paint the sewing room.
Organize the sewing room.
Hold the night of cocktails & frocks. The event needs a better name, any suggestions?

I have a few other things to add but this is enough for now. I hope everyone has a fabulous 2013 and I look forward to seeing all your beautiful creations!

Kat x


  1. 2012 was a good year wasn't it! I'm glad you had a great year, and very glad to have met you this year. To 2013 being even better!

  2. I'm so glad I met you too! Hoorah to 2013!! I can't wait to see how great it gets, although it can go slower than 2012.

  3. Replies
    1. I second this suggestion! Frocktails!!

    2. By jove she's got it! Thanks Molly!

    3. I was just going to suggest exactly the same thing!

  4. Looks like a great list to me. Very much looking forward to the fabric shopping trip - although I will be keeping my wallet on a VERY tight lease for that. How else am I going to get down to 50m?
    I'm so totally excited about all the sewing I'm going to do in 2013... almost as much as I am about getting to spend more time with you lovely ladies!
    It's been grand so far - see you on the 19th :)

  5. You need to sew more Mel, not buy less, that's just silly! :)
    See you on the 19th!

  6. Hello, I have just found your blog. What an awesome list for the new year! I just love reading people's sewing blogs, they are quite inspiring. I dont have much time for sewing with 2 little girls - I did manage some Chrissy gifts this year! Best wishes for the new year.

  7. So cute! I like the dog Boo too! It is the cutest dog in the whole world. :) :) :)
    boo the dog