Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A foray into vintage vogue.

after careful consideration, (I put my hand in the draw and picked it up) my next project is vintage vogue 1043 something relatively easy as it has facings. I'm really excited to start sewing vintage, as I love showing off my small waist.

I wanted taffeta in royal blue or navy, I couldn't find it when I went looking, so I settled on something similar weight wise from Frank Stuart in Glenferrie Rd. ( i think thats where it is) its a dark blue with a slight stretch to it. it also has a nice russle when it moves, like taffeta sounds like.

I'm on to the cutting side of things, lately my sewing time has been dramatically reduced, with house hunting and other things. So it may take longer than I expected.

Other news I recently bought 4 Colette Patterns. I was showing the girls from my sewing class and they suggested a sew-a-long! We are making chantilly as of next week so I'll have two projects on the go. I'm very excited as i have just the fabric for it. It will be quite interesting how the other 3 girls dresses turn out. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh wow! That dress is going to be stunning, especially with the nipped in waist.
    ~ Alana

  2. Oh I can't wait to see what your chantilly looks like. I really want to make it! I have made beignet, macaron and eclair. I have ceylon in my pile of patterns waiting to be made. I really want to get chantilly and the new wrap dress pattern next.