Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo update

Here it is, New Look 6723....

Do you like my shoes?
Do you see how the neckline buckles?

The Back
All in all, I do like my dress, yet i think I spent too long on it and don't love it like I did in the early stages. The fabric is a cotton sateen from spotlight. I have also made a skirt out of it too. I cut a size 14, and it is big, i took alot in at least 3cm out of the chest area & under arms but its still quite big in the waist as well. Next time I'll cut a 12 in the bodice.
I think I'll get a lot of use out of the dress in the coming warmer months. Also I added 5 cm to the hem but i may take it up 2 or so cm as i want it just below the knee.
What do you think of it? Any comments would be appreciative.
Kat :)


  1. your dress is wonderful, I have ordered this pattern now that I have seen yours, it looks lovely and is such a good fit.

    linda in melbourne

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much. Be sure if you have a blog to add a link so when you finish your dress I can have a look and see. Thanks for commenting.