Monday, September 6, 2010

Patterns, Patterns and more patterns...

In my interests in sewing started about early February as i was wandering around spotlight as my mum bought some fabric to line a skirt. I saw some fabric that caught my eye and thought to myself 'i like that'. Spotlight were having a buy the bolt for 30%  off or something like that, so i bought it thinking i wonder if such and such can make me something. One month later and i had enrolled in a sewing course, I had two patterns (one dress & a skirt) and 5.5 metres of blue floral cotton sateen.

Now 7 months later I have a stash that actually embarrasses me, which is not something that can easily be done ( if you see how many clothes i have, you would be shocked, & I'm not embarrassed by that.) I have over 35 patterns!!!! All except 5 were bought on special. I am shocked. To date i have only made 3 things with the 4th being in progress. That means I have 31 things to make. I feel slightly daunted now. I also have *cough cough* 4 Colette patterns on the way as well.

Does anyone want to help share my sewing? Ha ha.

I will say in my defense that I have a few or 10 projects that I am just not ready for just yet, I don't have the experience or the need to do something so complicated for example Vogue 1174.

In other news, I have finished both the vogue 8472 & New look 6723. I was happier with how 8472 turned out as i think I spent too long on 6723, photos to come soon.

I have started Butterick 5486 view A (the middle one)
Its coming along nicely and should be finished I'd say in 2 more lessons or in about a week if i cracked down, but it looks like this week will be a busy one.

Bye for now.

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  1. Hi l just found your blog. I am currently working on the Butterick 5486 same view as you are. I hope to finish up later today. Good luck with your sewing! Looking forward to seeing your projects.