Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday things and wishlists.

It's my birthday on saturday!

I'm not one of those people that likes surprises, so I like my presents in advance.
I have already recieved most of my presents from darling Ben. The highest of  highlights was a new p&s camera as our Sony A380 is quite bulky to carry around all the time. I have no idea what the make and model it is all I know is that it takes fabulous pictures and lots of features.

Another highlight sewing wise was a new fancy smancy iron. I think I killed my old one after I ironed all my fabric from our semi annual shopping trip. Its soo nice. Sewing has made me appreciate a nice ironed outfit.

I have some things I would really like to get but I know I'm not going to buy them myself right now, my sewing friend Sally and I are one a buying ban for 2 months until the 22nd of June. As I'm powering through my dresses and skirts I feel I can make a big dent before it ends.

On the wishlist:

Lady Gray jacket

Butterscotch wool from tessutis

The handbook made be in the reach as I've had someone ask about it. We'll see by the weekend.

I think the Lady Grey jacket and the wool from tessutis would make a bueatiful comibination, I would line in with a pretty pink lining for a pop of colour. 

I'm in love with lace since I made the Ava dress post to come soon. I'm making the top soon and once again I think this would make a good combo.

It may be too much, but committing myself to anything except saying I love fabric.

I have almost finished my simplicity 2444 dress, its lovely if I say so myself. I'll do a birthday dress post after Saturday.

I'm thinking of a give away, if anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Happy birthday for Saturday! I like your wishlist.
    I was in Melbourne with a few hours to spare yesterday between the end of my meeting and my flight home, so I went to Tessutis. A small piece of that butterscotch wool came home with me. It is truly delightful!

  2. Ohh what are you going to make Elle? A pencil skirt?