Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life and the garden

So much has happened since I last posted.

Sewing wise, It's been like a sweat shop in my sewing room, I've been really productive.

I've churned out 2 skirts, a toile of the Ava dress, the ava dress and cut out 3 dresses.

One of those dresses is going to be my birthday dress which is not to far away.

I think it's due to my new job and the setup in my sewing room has changed.

Life wise, well I'm enjoying my job so much more than the last one. Although the travel time has doubled each way which is sometimes frustrating and tiring.

Ben and I have been working on our back garden for a while now.

I gave ben a chainsaw for christmas, but it didn't work, after waiting 2.5 months we finally got a new one from the manufacture.
Less than 2 weeks later we ripped out 4 trees and had 6 stumps removed.

We bought bricks around that time, so we levelled the back half of the yard. And started the edging, it is such hard work!

Next week we are laying turf. I am so excited. Our yard will finally start to take shape.

I now have to figure out what kind of plants I want for the beds. I want flowers all year round. Any suggestions?

If anyone is on twitter, I joined a few months ago, my user name is allegravintage if you want to say hi.

Thanks for reading!

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