Monday, September 19, 2011

You can't stop progress.

So my sisters wedding was a few weeks ago, it was a beautiful wedding, I don't believe I've seen a more happier bride then her, love and happiness were radiating from them both, I had to stop myself from crying like a baby, I get very red and it doesn't look good in photos I've been told! My sister also managed to keep it together, until her speech later that night. It was really beautiful and I wish that I wrote it down. Here is a photo of her, sadly we didn't get any photos together, which is a shame.

Here is a photo of my dress, it was lovely to wear, although a tad long. So I wore my highest wedges and thankfully didn't fall over from the steep hill we had to walk down.

I have made lots of progress on my other dresses, I have started and almost finished Vogue 8701, I have to bag out the top and attach the skirt, add the zipper and hem the skirt, so I think it will take about another week to complete. I'm taking it to the dry cleaners for a pressing when its done as my skills are limit and there is a lot of fabric. Pictures to come later.

For Vogue 2960,I have traced it out, added a FBA, done a calico version, which apart from my usual fitting issues went very smoothly, I have cut out the bodice and sewn it together completely, I've put this on the back burner as I don't need to wear this till febuary and I need to get Vogue 8701 finished.

back piece

Vogue 1174 is off the table completely, I'm not sure what to do, I want a fabulous dress to go with my beautiful fabric (see below) but I'm heading towards a more casual dress so I can wear it often rather than special occasions dress. I hope I make up my mind soon, as its driving me crazy!

New Look 6048 has been traced out, but yet to be cut. Progress will be made soon!

I know I'm making good progress but I feel that I might be running out of time. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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