Monday, September 19, 2011

Giveaway: if you want the notion, I've got the notions!

Its Give away time again, I have to say that I'm quite lucky to have a very nice erm full sewing stash, accumulated by me and given by others. I've been on the receiving end lately and would like to pass it on! This time I'm giving away some notions that will come in handy for any seamstress, beginner or experienced.

The giveaway contains; 2 x birch berry pin packets, 20 reel sew all thread 100m from gutermann (staple colours), 250m gutermann thread in colour 6745 and 2 x packets of Dylon Bahama Blue Dye & 10 cream/white buttons.

The Catch: I would like some advice with what to do with this Alannah Hill lace.  It's really pretty and I'd like to make an interesting feature of it.
1 metre.

For a bonus entry: recommend a pattern for this linen fabric. It has to be versatile, to be able to be worn at a wedding, work days (casual wear) and weekends.

3.5 metres (150cm w)

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You must be contactable via a blog or an email address, if you don't leave one, you can't win, and I'll redraw 3 days later.

The give away will end next Tuesday. I will send anywhere in the world.

If you win and I don't contact you within 3 days please email me at

Good luck!



  1. I would say that the lace would make a beautiful piece of jewellery. Perhaps a necklace or a flower brooch. I've made a lace flower from an online tutorial before and made it into a stunning flower brooch for my sister.

  2. Oh and as a follow up I would recommend Lisette Simplicity 2209, the Passport dress, for your fabric. I find that the little details in this pattern produces a dress that can go from casual work day to wedding, especially by dressing it up with jacket that also comes with this pattern. I reckon the skirt and bodice design of this dress would show off you fabric perfectly.

  3. I think you should do a maxidress with the fabric and decorate it with the lace! I know that both Burda and Butterick have nice patterns! A maxidress can be worn anytime and anywhere.

  4. A little lace can go a long way. And since ruffles are back, I know there are some lovely patterns out there with cascading ruffles that would look beautiful!

    Posting one-handed with a baby in my lap!

  5. I would trim a short pencil skirt with the lace, but it depends on whether you have a generous 1m or a scant 1 meter. Something nice and light and summery or maybe even a lighter charcoal skirt for something different.

    With the red fabric I'd make a dress like Simplicity 2180. I just made this dress and you could wear it to work, but the 'v' back makes it just a little more exciting. I also think piping is an extra detail worth including.

    Happy sewing!

  6. That lace would be perfect as a sheer stripe of 'peekaboo' on a basic shift dress. I'm thinking something with an empire seam and you could place the lace in where the seam is supposed to go and have a narrow strip of see-through just under your bust.
    If that's too daring, you could back the lace with a bright contrasting, cream linen dress with cream lace insert, backed with a strip of scarlet red :-D
    If you've got enough lace, it might be better to add two strips :-)

    As for your linen, you've got quite a bit of it there, so I would say a summery full skirted dress. Fairly simple pattern - just a basic U-neck and full pleated skirt. That way, details won't be lost in the bold pattern.

  7. ooh, thread! (and in nice useful colours-I usually only buy bright red as I love the colour but then have nothing to sew with!)
    I trimmed the waistband of my Ginger skirt with similar lace, which worked really well.

    I can't recommend a particular pattern for the linen, as I end to make things up as I go along, but I would make a dress in two pieces, probably full skirted with a fitted top, but then you could wear the pieces separately for a more casual look, or put it all together for the full on effect.

  8. I would use that beautiful lace as a pretty large bow in a vintage back dress. It would look fantastic.

  9. Oh how exciting! Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway :)

    1. the lace should be inset into a seam like the collar of a blouse with a neckline facing or the waist seams on a dress with a waistband section!

    2. I have to say that fabric would be so lovely and versatile in the new Colette Peony dress pattern!! The shorter sleeve option would make it perfect for layering a lovely cardigan over top and the simple lines of the dress would really showcase the print! (I am legit excited about that idea)

  10. Lovely give away!

    I was so in awe of Sarai's project for the Common Thread project. ( I thought it was such a neat, unexpected way to use lace and a vintage blouse pattern. The lace you have looks like it would do well in the yoke of a blouse like Sarai made.

    With respect to the linen, wouldn't it be lovely in a summer jacket -- maybe worn over a red sun dress? If you've got enough, you could trim a hat with it for a little unexpected pop!

    Best of luck!

  11. That lace would make a fabulous "peekaboo" (!) insert around hems or cuffs. I recently refashioned a top with this kind of detail (albeit much narrower lace/picot) Yours has a lovely scalloped lower edge so you could consider having the scalloped edge uppermost (ontop of the fabric)and the upper edge underneath the fabric. If that makes any sense whatsoever!! Here's the top I was talking about togive you an idea:


  12. I think your lace would be beautiful decorating a vintage style blouse, perhaps hiding the front bottoms and in the cufs ;)

  13. I would use it either as a collar on a blouse or shift dress, a dark fabric underneath would really make it pop. You could also make it into a headband with a coloured fabric underneath and a little elastic and wear it with any outfit instead of having to use it on just one. I think the big red floral fabic would look great as a maxi skirt something like this

  14. I would love to make a detable flower with the lace, to use it in the dress or head band or hair on

  15. well, I would say a simple 50's wrap dress out of the fabric. making a lovely detachable elegant collar with the left overs and the lace.
    I would add a petticoat too, but that is just me ;)

  16. That red flower fabric is really beautiful. I think that a simple shift dress would be the most versatile for the different occasions you'd like to wear it. Here's one I just found:'s_8750

    I really love the tie collar on this. And I think it would be easy to dress up or down. Think white belt and heels for a wedding, a cardigan and slouchy boots or ballet flats for the weekend. And for the lace, what about something like this:

    I don't think I would make it sheer, but you could. It would make a beautiful summery cardigan or an elegant lounge-wear piece.

  17. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! For the lace, perhaps you could dye it in an ombre way? So it goes from a deep, dark color of some sort to white? Or even do an all-over color of something bright and fun like yellow or orange. And then use it to add some oomph to a basic (white?) dress or top, whether around a zipper, collar, sleeves.

    As far the fabric, I am in love with collete pattern's new peony dress. I'd make either version of it, just without the sash. They also recently posted some great ways to style it (, though all the examples of the dress are in fabric that isn't patterns. But even wearing a cardigan and scarf with it can dress it down, blazer can make it work appropriate, and a shroud or cape can make it fall and winter wedding worthy?

  18. Would def take the lace and embellish a plain cardigan with it :) you could add it to the front to make the buttons pop and the collar.

    And with that fabric i'd go with this pattern

    But the sleeveless option :)

  19. I would make either a slip or some type of lingerie with it. It reminds me of sea shells and if you mixed it with a soft shell pink in a silky material it would really look nice!

    For the dress I would do Simplicity 2248. The top is a faux wrap so it would break up the large floral print at the bodice while the box pleats would make the dress look very soft. Linen is great for box pleats. here is a link from Sew Weekly that shows the inspiration dress: or here from the Simplicity site:

  20. I'd use the lace to trim a bag or make a flower - perhaps with a button centre?

    The linen is gorgeous - is it light enough to make a tunic/kaftan?? perhaps the Shearwater??

  21. Thank you for the giveaway. I do follow your blog through GFC. (For some reason it won't let me sign in to post a comment) Anyway, I have used a pretty piece of lace to put around a picture to put in a frame that was too big. It turned out really pretty.
    Lora W.

  22. Burda 3477BUR..|296|296&pageCount=18&search=dresses&return=yes

    Is the dress and you can dress it up or dress it down. A jacket to give it a more office look, a belt or scarf, heels or flats, a stand of pearls with red leather clutch.

    As for the lace a nice removable brooch.

  23. Great giveaway, thank for it!

    The lace is beautiful, I would use it to trim vintage style slip or chemise.

  24. Hi there! I follow you via RSS feed. :)

  25. Hi, I don't need an entry, but I think you should make Vogue 8701 with your gorgeous fabric!
    Heather from Canada

  26. Hello, love this giveaway, thank you so much.

    For your lace, I would perhaps make an accessory, such as a clutch purse and wrap your lovely lace as the accent. Like if you were to make this for the dress, the white lace would accent off a red fabric consisting of the clutch purse. This is what I would do.

    For your fabric, I know that it is not exactly retro, but keeping in mind your request as a wedding, casual, and weekend dress, I think the shorter version of Butterrick's B5675 pattern OR letter B of McCall's M6433 pattern would work wonderfully.

    Hope you can find a great way to use your lace and fabric soon.