Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scrap Fabric

So I had a bit of fabric left over from a dress I made at christmas, I wanted to make something else, I couldn't squeeze a skirt of what I had left so I made an apron & cushion. It was my first time making a cushion, and I stuff it up, I put the zipper in last, which I found out later is a big no no. Oh well, lesson learnt. It's still pretty and I enjoy it. I just need to get a bigger cushion for it.

I love the apron, I copied the style from one of my mother in laws aprons as we have none. I ended up shortening the neck strap considerably, if I were to make the apron again, I would double the length of the back tie so I can wrap it around twice for extra support. The pocket just fits my phone as I was seriously running out of fabric at this stage, I really like that I put the pocket in, its handy and a nice touch. The ruffle at the bottom was cut upside down on the bias, If I had enough fabric it would of been done properly but no one has noticed and it worked.

I'm happy as I now have no extra fabric, when I always seem to have heaps at the end of a garmet. Do you have any special things you make with your left over fabric?

Thanks for reading.

Kat :)

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  1. I hate having leftover fabric and there always seems to be so much of it. I use mine to make garments to little people. I used some this past weekend to make my cousin's daughter an apron. I try to hang onto all my scraps because you never know when you might use them on future projects.