Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vogue 8469, I Love Paris.

This is my Christmas dress, very easy vogue 8469.  Vogue was right on the mark when they classified this as very easy pattern. I made View B the shorter version, I love that the skirt finished exactly were I wanted it too without any alterations. There is a first time for everything! 

I made it up with Michael Miller's "Eiffel Tower" fabric that I was receiving for Christmas, from my darling husband. I picked it naturally. He he.

I made it in a record time of 3 hours from tracing/ cutting to sewing, in my last class 2 weeks ago. I only had the hemming and zip left to do at home, which I left till 10pm on Christmas eve. So the zip could be better as I rushed it slightly, I have plans to put in a longer zip as I feel the 16 inch is a little too short. So it really only took about 4.5 hours, the last 1.5 hours I mucked around a lot, I was cooking as well as sewing. I can be Suzy home maker when the mood strikes.
I have to say I am very happy with how it turned out with one exception. My exception is I had to take the dress in so much at the waist when putting the zip in, it was so baggy the first time and the second it was too tight! The third time was a charm. I wore it with a belt in the morning, by the end of lunch it was off! Its a very good fit and I'm proud of myself for giving it a go. I think I'll make this dress again in a different fabric.

I should state that I originally saw the fabric from Rachel's blog, she inspired me to buy it when I saw it online. I feel slightly bad that I keep copying her ideas, but as they say imitation is the highest form of flattery! Thanks Rachel, for having great style. 

I saw that the print comes in soft pink and black, should I get some to make a skirt or just leave it?

I found this sweet necklace in equip! It compliments the dress perfectly.

Lily white legs.

 Have a safe new year everyone! Stay safe in this crazy holiday time.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Oooh it's lovely, a very flattering fit and gorgeous fabric. I think if you really love the fabric (and it sounds like you do!) then buy it in another colourway and make a skirt. You can never have too much of a good thing! Jane x

  2. So pretty! Awesome fit too. :)

  3. That sure is one pretty dress. You have done a fabulous job and I LOVE the fabric and necklace.Your fit is fantastic!!

  4. This dress is so beautiful! It came out great.
    I was just looking at the blog by Green Apples, and saw that Jessica blogged about this dress. I liked the drawing so much that I went looking for it and managed to get it half price. What luck!
    Then I found your blog, now I'm even more glad that I bought it. And I'm very happy that you say that it's easy to do. I'm crossing my fingers already!

  5. Thank you ladies!
    Jane - I haven't bought the other colours I may later down the track, but I have too many other fabrics.