Monday, December 20, 2010

Missing in action

It seems ages since I last posted with something interesting. My parents have arrived back from Uganda, so I haven't been able to use the Internet, or get into my sewing room. I can see my machine, surrounded by all the boxes of stuff that have been in our storage room. Sewing has been thin on the ground, but I have managed to whip up a dress, from the fabric that I am getting for Christmas. I will post photos once i finish the hem.

Some books that I am reading, Wife dressing by Anne Fogarty and Colour me beautiful. I was going to buy CMB from the book depository but thankfully my mum fished out a copy from their vast book collection. You can't beat something that's free, can you. Both books are very interesting read although with Wife Dressing I have rolled my eyes a bit.

I have been experimenting lately, I feel like a change in my life in certain areas, mainly hair and beauty. In my quest for red/interesting/different colour lipsticks, I have come to realise red lipstick colour doesn't suit me in yellow base red, which seems to be very popular and readily available. I have bought about 5 different shades of different brands before I cottoned on to needing a blue based tone. Does any one have suggestions where to find a blue based lipstick or should I just give up? I have discovered fuchsia which is so pretty although I tone it down a lot. I also bought a matching nail polish to the fuchsia lipstick.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Merry Christmas.



  1. I look terrible in yellow red lipstick too! To get a good blue red you have to go for something that looks red on the description panel on the tube but slightly pinkish on your skin - they usually look much redder on your lips. I love russian red by mac and revlon red by revlon. Also check the colour of the liner you are using. I always have to cover my lips in liner first so that the lipstick sticks (otherwise I get the horrible red edges effect!)and if you use a colour that isn't your natural lip colour it makes a surprising difference, particularly if you apply your lipstick with a brush rather than straight from the tube -it can be hard to find a blue red liner but deep pink under red can be quite striking.

  2. monkeysocks - thanks so much for that tip. I now wear revlon fuschia as a base and then revlon raspberry over the top, it really changes the colour. Its looks way better on than it did before. thanks again.