Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby shower and Vogue 1027 Maternity style.

A few weeks ago I had my baby shower, my wonderful sister and a good friend hosted it for me.  It was an afternoon tea party, as afternoons are my favorite time of day. Naps and food such a wonderful combination! 

I invited a few but not many sewing friends to my shower. I wish I could of invited everyone but I did have a limit on numbers. :) 

This was hands down the best present that I got on the day, my face was covered by the quilt, as I was choking back tears! Thank you again Melanie, Sarah, Rachel and Belle!! I am a lucky friend to have you all go to so much effort for me and ginger. It goes perfectly in the nautical themed nursery. 

I chose to make Vogue 1027 for the shower not a maternity pattern but I knew it would work. It was the first knit dress pattern I ever bought, both the pattern and fabric were from Clegs, I believe the fabric is a slinky poly mix, that you can buy for round $8.95 or $12.95. This was not an expensive dress. I bought 3 metres and had a bit left over. 

You can see from the photo that I have pinned the bodice, I didn't need to but I didn't want to flash anyone. Also I am wearing the wrong bra with this dress, years on it still bugs me. 

Pregnancy related, I have been feeling surprisingly good, although I keep forgetting my stomach is so large, I keep hitting/ bumping doors on myself, Ginger does not appreciate it. Morning sickness stopped in very late December so I have had a good few weeks! I can't wait for the baby to be here so I can lie down comfortably!

Me in Vogue 1027, and Rachel in her self drafted dress.

Pattern: vogue 1027
Size: 16 straight.
Fabric: slinky poly knit from Clegs
Alternations: 2.5cm sway back adjustment

This was packed away after the pregnancy ended. If I was to make it up for normal wear, I would cut two sizes down and take 10cm off the hem. 

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