Monday, October 1, 2012

Spring time

Blink and September is gone, spring is finally here in Victoria and whilst we have some perfectly lovely weather we have had some horrible days like last Friday.

For the most part, I have taken advantage of every weekend to get my front garden and some parts of house in order.

The day after the meet up, we had a working bee in our yard. We didn't think we would get much done and boy were we wrong! Since then I have been using every sunny day of the weekend to my advantage, and I have to say the front yard is coming along nicely.

During September, I have planted camellia, hydrangeas, 7 David Austin, fox gloves, plenty of lavender, daisy and 12 other plants that I have no recollection of their names, I would like a cottage garden/ country look to our front yard.
The main colour  of the front garden is Apricot, all the roses are hues of Apricot, I've used existing shades of purple, white with touches of blue and red, I'll admit I'm not a fan of red but I refuse to rip out mature plants based on colour.

We have progress so much that we are now at the stage of ripping up the old brick/pebble path to lay new bricks, my father in law knew we were after old red's for paving and found just under 400 red bricks for $40 off eBay and he picked them up for us. What a good man.

We also plan to add to our steps up to the veranda, currently the steps are only good for one person to go up or down and don't have rails, so we plan to double the width and add rails on at least one side.
Ben is very keen on putting balustrades around the veranda and I couldn't think of anything worse! He has some time off in November to do house stuff, so I might come home one day to find balustrades, I have threatened divorce over the issue but he still resisting!

So that means little is going on, on the sewing front. On Saturday I went to the sewing social, I cut out Vogue 1247, I made a mistake by cutting my usual size rather than going down two sizes as recommended, so I'm hoping a bit of altering will work on this top. I'm making a muslin out of rayon from spotlight before I cut into my nice fabric, so if its a wadder, I don't mind.

It was a really nice day to sit and chat at the sewing social, I went for the chatting rather than the sewing, I'm definitely going again! It was a great idea of Rachel's, so well done on organising it Rachel!

I'm going to organise a give away soon, I still have more items that I don't need, and since I'm suppose to be decluttering our house, its a good excuse to be generous to others, and it allows for more room for fabric!!

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  1. Gorgeous flowers!! You must have a green thumb.
    I adore Vogue 1247 (in fact I'm wearing the skirt right now). I made the smallest size for the top, I love it, it's so wearable.

    1. Thank you, but no the photos are not from my garden, but from the internet, I have all the variety above. I've been wanting to sew up 1247 for a while now, fingers crossed it works out.

  2. They are beautiful roses. I planted some David Austin roses a few years ago and they have given me so much pleasure. Enjoy yours!

    1. My husband hates roses and I love them, when I was younger my mother planted a yellow rose bush outside my window, it was prolific, I'm always a bit sad when I think of that rose and leaving it behind when they sold the house.

  3. Spring is such an inspiring time in the garden - some plants seem to grow by the day. We have just one rose in our garden - a Cecil Brunner Rose, although the pale pink flowers are miniature, the plant is roughly 5 metres high and wide! We think it has probably been there since the house was build in the late 40's. I've contemplated more roses but reckon anything else would just look puny. So I stick to irises and bulbs for early spring colour.

  4. I love Spring . I grew up in Queensland and I think one of the moste wonderful things about Victoria is the magic of spring after all that winter. I am a gardner too and am putting in a lovely vege patch complete with Ballerina Apple trees.

  5. Hey Kat! I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a couple of blog award. You can see the details here: