Sunday, March 25, 2012

I bow down to McCall's 6350.

Well hello there,
I am so pleased with this dress, I think its my best work to date. It is also the quickest dress I've made. I was on a tight schedule to get this beauty done before our road trip to Adelaide. It was completely finished by 3.30pm on Saturday the 10th, which left some time in my sewing class to work on my vintage simplicity dress, which is coming along nicely.

I have to say how much I love this pattern, after many hours of searching for a suitable pattern I'm so glad I picked McCall's 6350, it's a modern pattern with a vintage twist. I added a pocket on the right side, I left it off the left side due to the zip being there.
I have a plan to make one more with stripes, although the fabric may go to the Parfait.

The fabric from Cleg's, which has now sold out, was beautiful to work with, it cut like butter, it was so smooth, it didn't fray very much, the print was positioned well on fabric, it has multiple shades of red, which I liked as it help match with my accessories.

I top stitched the bodice to help it stay down, as it kept riding up even after I under stitched it.
I lined the dress with white sun silky, boy I do not want to work with that fabric anytime soon.
The midriff piece looks wrinkled in every photo and I don't know why. Any ideas?
I left off the boning, as I didn't buy the right type, if I make this pattern again I would add it in, as its something I'm interested in learning.

The only things I didn't like about the patten was:
1. The bust darts, I tried and tried but I couldn't get them away from Madonna pointy boobs, thankfully the busy print helped hide it, although whenever I look down I can tell.
2. I hacked off a minimum of 6 cm of the back piece while making a toile and then had to take more off during the last fitting.
3. One of the skirt patterns was shorter than the other one, I noticed this after I cut the fabric.

Now on to the photos, please forgive the expressions, I was bossing Ben around, lol.....................

Dress McCall's 6530 (Argh I hate my hair being down.)

6 gored skirt, McCall's 6350

I added a pocket!

bust detail

twirly factor, check

I could give little kids a run for their money.
At Mt.Lofty summit.

There's not much else to say except I got compliments from strangers which was very rewarding. I've worn this dress about 3 times and I have plans to wear it during winter with tights, boots and cardigans etc.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Absolutely stunning! I just love the fabric and the fit is amazing! well done!

  2. Gorgeous! The fabric you chose is so pretty and it looks amazing on you. I love the twirly photo!

    1. I was so scared to cut into the fabric cause I loved it so much. Thanks for the compliment my dear.

  3. I love it. The fabric is gorgeous. It looks great with the red belt and shoes.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Those shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own. :)

  4. Your dress, and this fabric, are stunning. Awesome job!

    I'm currently also making 6350 (on my second muslin...oy) and was also dismayed with the Madonna-like darts. to counteract it, I rotated half of the dart fullness to the side seam. The waist bust dart is still kind of pointy, though, so I'll try sewing a curved dart to compensate.

    As for your midriff wrinkles, (which do not detract from the overall awesomeness of your dress) I think they're probably because you left the boning out.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Jes!

      Only I can notice the madonna pointiness as the pattern on the fabric disguises the point. I spent about 6.5 hours playing with the darts, I add two darts either side/ curved the darts etc but it didn't take away from the pointiness. I've learnt to live with it, plus the pattern really is a homage to the orignal 50 dresses.

      I have plans to make another dress from the pattern with the boning, I was thinking of either strapless or straps from the cambie dress, the fabric I have in mind is striped, I think it would look good if it was stripes were in all different directions.

    2. I finally got mine all sewn up, and I'm not sure I spent as much time as you did on the darts...but almost (less pointy, but not eliminated)! And yeah, I really can't see their pointy-ness in your photos (just beautiful fabric!).

      Oh yes, a strip alternating different directions would be awesome! As would the Cambie strap addition. I'll be very interested to see it, if you do make it. :)

    3. Whoops - stripe. :)