Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coming together

McCall's 6350 bodice

McCall's 6350 skirt

McCall's 6350 is coming along nicely, I still have a long way to go, but I'm very happy my progress since I cut it out last Sunday night. I had a serious case of butterflies cutting the fabric out, but thankfully it went well, I started at 10.30 and was finished by 12.30am, cutting the fabric was a dream, but I realise I need my scissors sharpened now.

 My aim is to finish it on the 10th of March, it needs to be finished by the 10th or its not coming on the road trip, or to the wedding on the 17th. I'll keep you updated....


  1. That fabric is stunning. Is it linen? Can't wait to see your finished frock!

  2. Yes its linen, its from Clegs. Thank you Rachel! :)

  3. It is a beautiful print!

    I have chosen you as one of ym choices for the Liebster award - thanks for doing such a nice blog!

  4. Hey Kat! We met once on burdastyle and had a little chat about your Paris dress. I finished mine and wore it in front of the Eiffel Tower. On my blog I write about the process of sewing. I tell you all that, because I have linked my articel to your blog to show my inspirations. I hope that is okay for you. Bonne journee, frau tipmatic alias MusterSchnittchen (on burdastyle)