Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank you Santa.

Look what I got for christmas...................................

An over locker! Its a Janome My Lock 644D.
 I'm so excited to finally get an over locker, I think it will help improve my skills, although I must admit as I was reading the manual, I felt slightly overwhelmed, its so much more of an intensive read than my sewing machine manual. I'm hoping to do this course as I think I'll get a lot out of it, has anyone done one? Did you feel like it helped you?  I'm really hoping to make a dress on the over locker soon, Liz my sewing teacher is going to lend me a pattern, but does anyone have a suggestion for a quick and easy summer dress pattern?

On to other news, I have finished 2 dresses, 1 skirt and an apron. I made the clover skirt by Colette patterns, I had to finish of the hem, when I noticed a big gaping hole on the front, I had accidentally cut into the fabric with a pair of rotary cutters! I was so disappointed, I tried hand sewing to no avail, so the skirt is in the bin. On the upside I know the size fits, it was a relativity quick make, so when I find the right fabric from my stash (no more buying!!!) I'll try again.

I recently had a friend from sewing come over, so I took some photos of my sewing room to post up. Keep your eyes peeled......


PS. If you have ever commented on my blog, Thank you, unfortuanly due to blogger I have not been able to comment, so please don't think I've ignored you. :)

Have a safe and wonder filled New's Eve.


  1. I really want an overlocker but I am a bit scared about using them. The look very complicated! But I would love to be able to make more items out of stretch fabric which I just suck at doing without an overlocker.

  2. Do you want to borrow mine?? lol I've booked in to do a course with a friend, and have some knit patterns to start, but until the course, I'll probably use it finish hems. I was suppose to be getting the overlocker that was below this model, it was $400, it was less that what I paid for my sewing machine. Ben got talk into buying the more expensive one, but i'm not upset!
    I think if your going to keep sewing you might as well get one, you make more things then me, so you'll probably use it more. :)