Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ripping off RTW

A Mod cloth dress from 09/10. I didn't buy it due to the length or lack of it.

Silk from Alannah Hill $20ish p/m. Bought a while ago.

However, I was reorganising my fabric stash and came across this, 3.5 metres of purple, cream & black silk, purchased from clear it in Fitzroy st, a while ago. I think the fabric would really compliment this style although there is a possibility that the ruffles could be overwhelming with the busy print.

As for the pattern I had a quick look in my stash and I came across a few possibilities namely New look 6776 view D, New look 6935, then I went to the web and came up with New look 6885 G+I which I don't have, and a another 2 possible solutions, but I forget the pattern details.

I really like it but I've never had anything similar, so I'm hoping it will flatter my pear shaped body. Do ruffles make your bust look the same, smaller or bigger? 
So do you think this would work?

Thanks for reading.
Kat x

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