Thursday, August 20, 2015

Once it's gone, it's gone.

I wrote a lovely long post about frocktails, who was there, what people wore etc and unfortunately when I went to post it, instead of pressing publish, I pressed delete as I am an idiot. Oh well, life moves on. 

Look out for one when the tears have subsided (jokes). In all seriousness, it will be a few days...


  1. I hear you! Totally sucks when all your hard work gets deleted. Just remember, you will never be able to delete all the hard work you put into Frocktails. May the seamripper live on...

  2. Oh well, what matters is that we all had a blast! Thanks Kat!

  3. Oh noes! I've just edited my photos. Will write tomorrow. And be sure to pay attention to what buttons I touch. The computer is always reading my intentions the wrong way! Pips xxx