Saturday, April 4, 2015

What cost?

It's that dreaded time of renewal! I hate it, as most  insurance companies won't be giving you a better deal unless you change providers. When I was shopping around for home and contents insurance, I did a very rough tally on our contents and came up with a value. I showed Ben and his first question was "does that include all your sewing stuff?"

I love that man! No it didn't, I didn't leave it out on purpose I just struggled to find a number that would reflect how much I think it's worth and the actual value.
I know what my machines would be worth if they need replacing, but what would the modern and vintage patterns, books, tools and fabric be worth? I think I would be in the low range of five digit! Writing it sounds overwhelming but as long as my stash is kept in storage containers its very managable. I hope to sell my vintage patterns soon.

I hope never to have my house and possesion destroyed as I'm not sure I could bring myself to buy my stash again!

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