Friday, January 25, 2013

I commit.

I, Kat of All the whimsical things, commit to using as many pieces as possible of stash fabric in 2013. I commit to not buying any new fabric or patterns (with exceptions) until mid to late in 2013.

How much fabric do you have Kat?
Well how much time do you have for me to tell you? I have quite a bit of fabric, about 7 containers worth, I love my hobby but I'm a slow sewer and my eyes and wallet are too big for my own good. I'm not the type of person to get embarrassed, yet organising my sewing room in the last few weeks has made me realise just how much fabric I have, to top it all of there is very little I can bear to part with fabric wise. I did a major cull during my time off which the sewing social ladies and the op shop benefited from.

How long have you been hoarding accumulating your stash?
For about 3 years, I can't resist pretty floral prints and I have a tendency to buy fabric with no project in mind, this is a problem as when I want to make something up, I either have too much fabric or not enough, its a vicious circle!

What would you like to make?
A casual wardrobe that will reflect my new mummy lifestyle, I allow myself one super fancy dress for a swanky wedding in October, but other than that, no fancy fancy dresses for me. I have a tendency to invest hours into one dress that I will wear for a total of 8 hours, and then never again. I would rather invest hours into a garment that is going to be worn on heavy rotation.

My exceptions are:
Any fabric or patterns for Ginger and Button* do not count.
Fabric, patterns bought with gift vouchers do not count.
Any fabric bought on the Social sewing trip does not count. I'm hosting the event - I can't not buy anything it would be rude!
I'm allowed one Skaukat order, I have had a wish list compiled, and I plan to treat myself around my birthday.
For every pattern or fabric I do buy or receive one pattern or fabric has to leave the stash.

You may think my exceptions are generous, but I know that fasting or restrictive diets do not work over long periods of time, so this is my compromise.

*Button is my niece to be, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but my twin sister is expecting her baby girl 20 days after Gin's due date.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your mummy friendly creations.

  2. Good luck, I'm already struggling with my pledge, lol! Looking forward to seeing your new mummy wardrobe. I miss the kids being little and being at home with them (I don't miss the sleepless nights, the nappies and the tantrums though, lol)

  3. Hells yeah! Impressive :) Pockets are the key to a good mummy wardrobe, or else you end up with snotty tissues in the weirdest places. Oh, and skirts need to be a decent length too as there is so much bending over. Uggggggh

  4. That's one hefty commitment. I know because I'm already trying to keep it!! But you've kept Feb 9 as an exception, right? :P

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  6. Hi Kat, With the mummy lifestyle, I found tops/dresses for easy access breastfeeding to be the most essential. I even removed a lot of other clothes from the wardrobe so these were ready to grab, without being overwhelmed by a 'full' wardrobe.

  7. It's so strange that we build up such a stash, isn't it?! I am just as bad for it. It looks so beautiful on my shelf... full of lovely potential!!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, yours is lovely and so helpful to me. If you could email that rusched pattern, that would be ace!

    Thanks again and speak soon

    Bundana xx

    PS. Email:

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