Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Readers,
I am lucky enough to have 9 days off work, a little holiday, so I've done a little bit of sewing. I'm almost finished with the new look & the vogue dresses! The vogue has been lovely to sew and has come together with almost no issues except for fitting. There is only two things on both of the dresses, that need to be done, the hem & the zipper.

Which leads me to something...I'm scared of doing zips, I've done 2 in the past but for the life of me I can't remember how, so Ive decided to google it & go from there. One thing I need more of when I sew is confidence as I'm afraid I'll make a mistake and ruin the dress! 

I have a class tonight & I'll defiantly get the zip in the new look dress then, it has to be finished Saturday morning as I'm wearing it Saturday night for my husbands birthday dinner. So pictures will come then.

I recently placed an order with for their member's sale on all patterns nothing over $3.99 and then other 25% off if you get in early! I got 7 patterns although I paid more in shipping than the actual patterns. 7 patterns including 4 vintage vogue set me back $18.71. I could never get them that cheap in Melbourne. I think this will be my last order with BMV as the cost of shipping is a little outrageous for my taste. Plus I actually have enough patterns now I think. When the package gets here, I'll take some photos.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My next project... Vogue 8472

So I still haven't finished sewing the simplicity pattern yet. Which is terrible as it may never get done now! I can procrastinate like nobodies business. I've already cut everything out, its already to go, I always start the skirt first as I find this the easiest part. My fabric is a cotton sateen, i think it was called Monet Blue, but don't quote me & a cream/ nude lining.

In other news, next week I start another sewing class on saturdays at another sewing centre, this one is a little far, its in Werribee where I bought my machine from. My husband loves I have a hobby, but I'm so glad that i take care of our $$$ as sewing is rather an expensive hobby, but well worth I think. Anyhoo soon enough I may have two dresses done!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the middle of New Look 6723...

This is my first dress (making view D, I'm using a beautiful blue & floral cotton sateen fabric) that I've ever attempted to make, and its going well....except I've lost my pattern instructions for page 3. :(
I'm not to sure if I'll be able to find on the Internet, but here's hoping!

Once I've finished 6723, which I'm sure I'll make again, I already have 3 patterns cut, waiting to be made...but I'll show you once i can find my camera cord.

Bye for now,