Friday, December 3, 2010

We have an open for inspection tomorrow and I am not at all prepared! In my true style of time wasting. I am occupied with doing something completely different; archiving all my patterns! As now I have so many of them, I want to look after them. I can't think of any other way to archive them than an excel spreadsheet, which is going along swimmingly.

How to do you look after your patterns and keep them in order? Is there a better way to keep track of them other than a speadsheet?


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  1. I use a system that I heard about on Pattern Review. I insert the envelopes from my patterns in a sheet protector that is inserted into a pattern binder. Then, I take the folded tissue and instructions and insert them into to a 1 qt. ziplock bag. The bags are arranged in numerical order (by pattern number) in a cardboard filing box that I bought at Target. So, I can flip through the binder to see all of my patterns (and take the envelopes out to go to the fabric store with me) while the patterns themselves are stored away until I actually use them.