Monday, November 22, 2010

Can you tell that I have lots of free time on my hands at the moment? I can't go back to work til Thursday at the earliest. I can't bring myself to do any sewing as I know I'll make simple mistakes, but mistakes none the less. Both my teachers have advised me to do nothing at home - sewing wise of course.

So with Christmas on the horizon, I have started to order some of my Christmas presents. I am a stick in the mud when it comes to receiving surprises, I'm too much of a control freak and I'm afraid that I'll ruin other peoples Christmas's by not being happy with my present. This hardly ever happens but I worry more than I should. Actually it happened last year at my family-in-laws Christmas K.K. I received a voodoo doll knife block set, I was shocked. I have to say it was not my taste at all and it has stayed in the box ever since. Is that mean?

So this is what I've order for myself from my husband:

3 yards of Michael Miller
Received 4 yards. :)

3 yards of silk taffeta

Recieved on the 27/11 started to read today.
Are you like me too much of a control freak to let other people buy your presents? What do you have on your list so far?
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  1. I am exactly the same! I hate surprise so I always tell my fiancee and my mum exactly what I want for Christmas. Sometimes I write a list of things I want then they choose something off it so there is a little bit of surprise but I always know that it will be something I like. The only person who doesn't buy off the list is my sister but she knows my taste so well she always gets me stuff I like.

  2. oh the eiffel tower fabric, so cute!!!!

  3. Kat-- I do a list too! When I was younger it would be made up months in advance. Hehe. The only thing bad thing about christmas nowadays is I usually just buy everything I want myself, so it makes it hard to pin things down. I hope you get exactly what you want for christmas.
    Septembre- So cute isn't it I have been eyeing it off for months. Thanks for commentingg